Not sure what size bikini you should be wearing? Follow our easy step by step guide to measure yourself at home and calculate your bikini size with the calculator.

Before you start measuring your bikini cup size or bikini bottoms size, we would like to give you a few tips:
• When choosing a bikini top, you can maintain the same size as your bra size. Don't be alarmed if the underbust fits a bit tighter than you're used to compared to your bras, this is necessary so the bikini can provide enough support.
• A bikini or bathing suit should fit a bit more snug than a bra, because the fabric becomes heavier when you enter the water and the garments only have a one hook closure. You don't want the bikini to feel too loose in the water after wearing it several times.
• If you're in between sizes when trying on a bikini: never choose the larger size. Why? A bikini top only has a one hook closure.
• The size of your bikini bottoms should be the same as your lingerie briefs. Please ensure you don't measure your size too loosely. It's important that the bikini bottoms stay in place perfectly, even after the fabric gets heavier from absorbing water.