"This season, show them who's boss in my formidable Gloria collection in a perfect shade of blue. Inspired by the dapper pinstriped suits traditionally worn by Argentinian tango dancers I chose a smooth, heavenly blue fabric with sparkling silver pinstripes and added dashing menswear details. Macho suspender straps and sexy faux-leather touches in matching blue give your neckline a power boost and turn your bum into a cheeky eye-catcher. Man, it’s good to be a woman! "

- Marlies Dekkers

SS23 lingerie collection Gloria
SS23 lingerie collection Gloria
its all about the details DDP SS23
its all about the details DDP SS23


Wrap yourself in a fierce pinstripe pattern inspired by men's suits, but with a silver sparkling twist.

couture collection DDP SS23


Macho suspender straps in matching blue give your décolleté a power boost.

couture collection DDP SS23


This collection features the most badass ornaments out there: sexy faux-leather junctions.

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couture collection DDP SS23
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SS23 lingerie collection gloria

He focuses his gaze on you. You look up. He raises an eyebrow. You nod. As the melancholic sound of the bandoneon fills the milonga*, you walk straight into his arms. Let the passion play begin! Cheek to cheek, chest to chest, your legs perform their mating dance as you swirl around the dancefloor together. Leading the dance in his pin-striped suit, he is a model of masculinity. But make no mistake! You're not merely a passive partner. Standing tall in your heels, you assert your femininity. The yin to his yang, both halves equally strong. Surrendering to each other. After all, it takes two to tango.

It's been called 'a vertical expression of a horizontal desire' and has been used to turn up the passion in songs and movies, from 'Scent of a woman' to 'Moulin Rouge'. And indeed, with its close embrace and dramatic flair, tango is one of the hottest partner dances around.
* Tango venue

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The design of this Gloria collection is inspired by men's suits, translated into women's power suits: their lingerie. The shapes are crafted from luxurious sky blue jacquard fabric, with a fierce pinstripe pattern of sparkling silver lurex. The sparkling stripes continue in the shoulder straps, which resemble - another element of men's fashion - macho suspender straps. The straps are held together by faux leather junctions with an embossed M|D logo. For a smooth connection between the bras, straps and faux leather junctions, the straps must be placed at a pre-determined angle. A detailed job, which results in astonishing pieces of lingerie.

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