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4 Produkte
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  • Balconette-Plunge Korsett
    139,95 €
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    Dieses anliegende Korsett verfügt über eine fexible und moderne Form. Die Vorderseite bedeckt deinen Bauchnabel. Da die Taille gut zusammengehalten wird, macht dieses Teil eine schön feminine Figur. Die Bügel des BH umfassen den unteren Teil der Brüste nur zum Teil und kreieren so einen dezenten Ausschnitt.
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  • 3-year journal
    12,95 €
    "With this journal, I have created a beautiful and powerful way to structure your process of self-realization in the most important areas in your life. From your career to your family and friends, from health to sensuality: together, we tackle your targets the way a top performer would. <br /><br /> In 12 chapters, each representing a month and a special theme, I will guide you through this 3-year journey towards yourself. There will be food for thought, tips and challenges. Some subjects might make you feel more comfortable than others. Just make sure to take your time exploring each different aspect of your life and personality. After one year, you go back to the beginning of the journal and revisit every theme. This way, you are able to compare your thoughts and answers with the ones you wrote down 1 or 2 years earlier. Imagine how exciting it will be to monitor your growth, one month at a time. Because believe me: grow, you will!<br /><br /> This journal is my gift to you. With it, I hope to inspire you to align your goals with your dreams. I want to light your fire and help you on your way. But remember, ultimately, it's all up to you; you are the master of your destiny. And don't forget to treasure each step of your journey! At the end of it, you may look in the mirror and realize that along the way, you have fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with yourself..." <br /><br /> — Marlies Dekkers
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  • marlies dekkers white laundry bag one size
    4,95 €
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