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"Meine Kollektion Gloria ist für Frauen, die den Ton angeben. Inspiriert wurde ich vom Frauen-Gangster-Film „Gloria“, ein revolutionärer Streifen in der Geschichte des Films und Feminismus. Ich erinnere mich, wie ich diesen Film als junge Frau gesehen habe. Ich kann immer noch die Befriedigung spüren, endlich eine weibliche Führungsfigur (Gena Rowland) zu sehen, eine starke dominante Figur und keine abhängige und unterwürfige. Trage meine Gloria und befreie das Alphatier in dir!"

- Marlies Dekkers

lingerie collection Gloria dark yellow & gold SS21
Luxurious gold stripes

This Gloria collection is crafted from a luxurious ocher yellow jacquard. Inspired by the concept of power suits, I gave the collection a pinstripe pattern of gold lurex for a bit of sparkle. To create a soft feel on your body, a softener finish is added. The sparkling stripes continue in the shoulder straps, which are held together by faux leather junctions. For a smooth transition between the straps and faux leather junction, the straps must be placed at a pre-determined angle. All this labor results in this astonishing pieces of lingerie.

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style collection gloria SS21
style collection gloria SS21


Ein wildes Nadelstreifen-Muster inspiriert durch den weiblichen Gangster-Film "Gloria", aber mit einem funkelnden Touch.

style collection gloria SS21


Wunderschöne Bänder und Macho-Strapse verleihen Ihrem Dekolleté den ultimativen Boost.

style collection gloria SS21


Die passenden gelben Kunstleder-Details auf den BHs und Slips sind mit unserem m|d Logo verziert.

style collection gloria SS21
SS21 style collection Gloria dark yellow and gold
Feminine Superpower

What does female rage look like? Until #metoo, we had nearly forgotten, after centuries of being told to suppress our anger and bury it under a smile. But in ancient Egypt, it had a name and a face: Sekhmet, the fierce lion-headed sun goddess, who was forged from the fire rays shooting from Ra’s eyes. Wearing a sun disk circled by a cobra on her head, bad-ass Sekhmet burned bright in her flaming dress, creating deserts with her fire breath. And as the official patron of pharaohs, Sekhmet taught Cleopatra not to fear her own rage, but unleash it to scorch and sear her enemies. She showed her how to roar. Like the sun itself, Sekhmet is not only a great destroyer, but also a powerful healer. Known as ‘She Who Comes in Times of Chaos’, Sekhmet shows up when the world is out of balance. If we are brave enough to commit our darkest emotions to her feminine fire, she will transform them for us, harnessing their power for healing. I strongly believe now is Sekh-met’s time again. I can feel her walking among us in her flaming dress as we are rebuilding our world, teaching us now as she taught the Queen of Egypt over two millennia ago: how to turn female rage into a feminine superpower.

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style collection gloria SS21
style collection gloria SS21
style collection gloria SS21
style collection gloria SS21
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