One perfect day in the city of Angels

by marlies|dekkers

I just love being an LA woman. There’s nothing like starting the day with a hike in the Hollywood Hills, followed by a green tea espresso, some vintage Gucci-hunting on Melrose, a dip in the ocean and a hot date at the Chateau Marmont. This is the place where I can go from being a fitgirl to a fashionista to a beach goddess to whatever the hell I want!

All within just 24 hours…

6.00 am

I like to work out first thing in the morning. What better to do in LA than try the latest over-the-top fitness craze, like ‘hot barre’ (a barre-based work out in a heated room) or ‘acqua cycling’ (soulcycle with a splash)? Actually, even just a run along the palm tree lined boulevards of Beverly Hills is a real treat for me.

9:00 am

Tea time! I’m not a coffee drinker, so I like to give my day a boost with a ‘green tea espresso’ (made with organic matcha) and a delicious berry bowl at Urth Caffé on Melrose Avenue. This is where celebrity hipsters have their breakfast meetings, making the patio an excellent spot for people watching.

Urth Caffé: 8565 Melrose Avenue

11.00 am

Still buzzing from the matcha, I hit Melrose for a spot of vintage shopping at two of my favorite consignment stores: Wasteland and Decades. Since the Nineties I’ve been scoring the coolest stuff here, like a stunning Vivienne Westwood corset I still wear. Vivienne herself actually shops at Wasteland for inspiration, as do tons of other designers, like Marc Jacobs and Miuccia Prada. At Decades, the paparazzi often lay in waiting, so make sure you’re wearing sunglasses when leaving the boutique. Fabulous vintage ones, of course!

Wasteland: 7428 Melrose Avenue

Decades: 8214 Melrose Ave

1:00 pm

I have a hot date! Model and beach babe Holly Byrd Harrell is going to show me LA’s most stunning beach: El Matador. This is where Madonna danced in her Cherish music video, so I’m bringing some of my designs for an impromptu photoshoot. But first we grab some fish- and shrimp tacos with pineapple slaw at Neptune’s Net, a tiny shack-like eatery on the Pacific Coast Highway with a groovy clientele (a mix of bikers, cute surf boys and celebs like Cameron Diaz).

Photography: @anoukmorgan

Hair & make up: @claytonleslie

Styling: @kimkeizer

3:00 pm

With its sparkling blue waters, scattered boulders and awesome sea caves, El Matador Beach is the perfect backdrop for our ‘LA woman’ photoshoot. So we click away but at the golden hour, when the setting sun lights up the beach with a golden hue, I can’t hold back any longer. I strip down to my Holi Vintage bathing suit and jump in the sea myself!

Neptune’s Net: 42505 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu

El Matador Beach: 32350 EL Matador Beach Rd, Malibu

8:00 pm

For some old-school Hollywood glamour, we end the day with dinner (truffle steak tartare) and drinks (a ‘Little Edie’ with Earl Grey-infused vodka) at the the legendary Chateau Marmont.

This gloriously gothic hotel above the Sunset Strip is both very rock ‘n roll –Led Zeppelin once drove their Harley Davidsons into the hotel lobby- and serene, with its lucious vegetation and secret corners. In other words: very LA. But this is where I leave you. Because what happens at the Chateau..

Chateau Marmont: 8221 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood

Most loved
Governed by NO ONE

Marlies Says

Governed by NO ONE

by marlies|dekkers

Flame-haired, brave-hearted and always dressed to dazzle, Elizabeth the First, also known as England’s ‘Virgin Queen’, is one of the most unforgettable women in history. Her glorious reign is known as The Golden Age ~ a period that saw the birth of Shakespeare, the defeat of the Spanish Armada and the emergence of England as a world power. It lasted almost 45 years; Elizabeth’s legacy as a feminist icon however, has already spanned nearly 5 centuries. “My sex cannot diminish my prestige.”

Quiet Power


Quiet Power

by marlies|dekkers

Only 11 days after he beheaded his second wife (the flamboyant Anne Boleyn), King Henry VIII married a pale, fair-haired maiden called Jane Seymour. Who exactly was this girl, and what had made the king so besotted with her? To this day, historians don’t quite know what to make of her.

Glamour, the magical power of persuasion

Marlies Says

Glamour, the magical power of persuasion

by marlies|dekkers
This season, more is more as glamour is back with a glittery vengeance. But was it ever really away? Not for me! From Marlene Dietrich in a top hat to Beyoncé shaking her booty in glittery thigh-high boots; to me, glamour is timeless and has many faces. It is the magical dust that gives everyday life that golden sparkle. More importantly, when used well, glamour can actually change your life. It has definitely shaped mine…

“Dare to be the CEO of your own career”

MD Friends

“Dare to be the CEO of your own career”

by marlies|dekkers

Who run this (digital) world? For Saskia Van Uffelen, the answer to that question is crystal clear: women. And what better role model for these women than the passionate CEO of Ericsson Belux herself? Named ICT Woman of the Year in 2011, Belgian-born Saskia is a great inspiration -not only as a digital visionary but also as a top manager who gracefully combines a hectic job with a family of five children. “In disruptive times, we need women.”

marlies|dekkers lingerie

Marlies|dekkers heeft een grote variëteit aan lingerie wat gedragen kan worden door iedereen en voldoet aan iedere vrouw haar behoefte. Naast het aanbieden van producten op onze webshop, houden we een blog bij in de categorie ‘Maison Marlies’ waar over verschillende onderwerpen geschreven wordt zoals; Waarom 50 worden fantastisch is, een 5-stappenplan voor het kopen van lingerie voor jouw vriendin, vrouw of partner , hoe je lingerie als deel van je outfit maakt en andere leuke onderwerpen.

Maison Marlies

In Maison Marlies blog kun je van alles lezen over het leven achter en rondom het bedrijf. Of je nu wilt weten waar ze haar inspiratie vandaan haalt voor het ontwerpen van een nieuwe collectie, of dat je interesse hebt in haar levensstijl, gezonde recepten, of haar smaak in bijzondere kunst, je kunt het vinden in de blog. Deze zakenvrouw krijgt het voor elkaar om met een knipoog te schrijven over haar zakenreizen, shop avonturen, haar collega’s, vrienden en familie en zelfs over haar vakanties waar ze even helemaal tot rust komt. Wanneer je even niet meer weet hoe je jou goede bh maat kunt vinden, biedt Maison Marlies een aantal richtlijnen zodat je je boezem kunt schudden zonder dat je borsten eruit floepen. Comfort voor je buste is een combinatie van de juiste maat en de juiste kwaliteit. Je wilt toch geen onhandig ondergoed, terwijl dit eigenlijk heel makkelijk voorkomen kan worden door het dragen van hoge kwaliteit lingerie?! En wanneer je voorgevel goed op z’n plaats gehouden wordt kun je eindelijk volledig je vrouwelijkheid vieren. De blog geeft advies over het mixen en matchen van lingerie, over het stimuleren en inspireren van je eigen stijlgevoel en houdt je op de hoogte van de laatste trends.

blij met marlies|dekkers lingerie

Haar celebrity vrienden zijn ook erg blij met de perfecte pasvorm van de bh's van marlies|dekkers. Deze vriendinnen laten met trots hun sexy lingerie van marlies|dekkers zien in fotoshoots voor tijdschriften, en tijdens optredens, tv-shows of zelfs in films. Maison Marlies wijdt een speciaal gedeelte van de blog aan gerelateerde nieuwtjes en ontwikkelingen zodat je altijd op de hoogte blijft van de laatste ontwikkelingen rondom de speciale missie die de visie van Marlies’ ademt voor de toekomst.