"Think pink while reaching for the stars in my Space Odyssey collection in gorgeous ballet pink! To put the spotlight on your classical beauty, I draped an ultra-flattering design in a fine, patterned mesh and added circular ornaments at the apexes of the bra - the collection also features an unpadded style! - and on the bottoms. And don't you just love the exquisite bow and enamel ornament featuring a musical note? Completing the design is the dare, dream, dance statement woven into the shoulder straps. Speaking of being 'en pointe'..."

- Marlies Dekkers

SS23 lingerie collection Space Odyssey
SS23 lingerie collection Space Odyssey
its all about the details SO pink SS23
its all about the details SO pink SS23


The gold-colored pendant of a musical note, hand-filled with matching soft pink enamel, will make your heart sing.

couture collection SO pink SS23


This collection is crafted from soft, translucent fabric with an in-house designed pattern of tiny triangles.

couture collection SO pink SS23


Sensual straps along your décolleté and waistline frame your beauty. The woven shoulder straps remind you to: dance, dare, dream.

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couture collection SO pink SS23
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SS23 lingerie collection SO

At first, the spotlight blinds you. Then, as the music swells and fills your heart, you start to move towards it, like a flower blooming towards the sun. Dancing with poise, precision and power, you claim and shape the space around you with your arabesques and pirouettes, with the graceful arc of your wrist. Reaching for the sky en pointe, you infuse every moment with meaning and grace. You don't just hear the music, you feel it. And as the ballet crescendos towards a climax, and you float in the air during the final grand jeté, you realize: you don't just have a body, you are a body.

'Ballet is woman' choreographer George Balanchine once famously said. And indeed, seemingly effortless and light, ballet takes a tremendous amount of will and strength to perform; a truly feminine combination. Yes, some of the traditional ballet narratives could definitely do with a feminist make-over, but for now, we enjoy ballet for what it is and always has been: a showcase for fierce, feminine grace.

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If you are a fan of unique fabric, this collection is for you. Look closely at the fine, soft pink mesh and you will see the in-house designed pattern of little triangles knitted into it. The fabric is soft and stretchy and a bit transparent, allowing your skin to shine through in certain areas. Sensual straps are cleverly constructed to highlight your beautiful curves. Let's zoom in on the center-front of the bras: an adorable bow and pendant adorn your décolleté in the most elegant way. The gold-colored ornament pictures a musical note with a matching soft pink hue. It is filled by injecting the colored enamel into the metal shape by hand. Darling, it's time to dance and sing!

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