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sale - briefs

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  • 8 cm brazilian briefs
    € 59,95
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    Very fashionable bottoms that suit all body types, with sides measuring 8 cm, partially covering the hip and groin area, while leaving both the belly and the lower part of the buttocks exposed.
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  • 5 cm briefs
    € 44,95
    This light grey brief has sides measuring 5 cm. The lovely little round-shaped details refer to the power of women united. The buttocks is covered completely, groin and tummy partially. Choose this shape for a perky little bum that's decked and dashing.
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  • 8 cm brazilian briefs
    € 89,95
    This brief’s shiny silk fabric covered with stitched circles and its seemingly innocent bow refer to the sensual cultfilm “Mulholland Drive”. A sexy garter belt topped off with delicate, gold-coloured details connect you with your deepest desires. This Brazilian briefs have sides measuring 8 cm. Hips and groin are covered partially, while belly and lower part of your buttocks remain exposed. Choose this shape for a bum that's covered but glamorous. The removable garter belt gives you an extra feminine feeling.
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