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    Lagertha's Reflection

My Lagertha’s Reflection collection is designed for bathing beauties. The importance of water in Lagertha’s life inspired me. As a seafarer she must have gazed into the water many times. Silently peeking over the edge of her boat, I imagined her looking into the eyes of her reflection, while dreaming about bold destinations.

This collection dresses you in drops of ocean. Tiny reflecting mirrors adorn your breasts and decorate your bottom. Wear my Lagertha’s Reflection and double your sparkle.

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it’s all about the details

Swimwear Lagertha's Reflection

Fabulous fabric

The main fabric is European, spiced up with a bit of shimmer, giving it this delicate shine and gorgeous handfeel. Your perfect pick for illuminating your presence.

Swimwear Lagertha's Reflection

Sparkle of skill

Look at those shiny sequins! You'll find 18 pieces on every bikini top. Each and every one of them is put there with care, skillfully attached by hand, piece by sparkling piece. Do you feel our love?

Swimwear Lagertha's Reflection

Exquisite craftmanship

These pleats are the work of artists! One bra consists of 10 pleats. Every individual pleat is first carefully folded and then stitched by hand. And oh, ofcourse, they all need to be perfectly smooth and symmetrical. Impressive!

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Swimwear Lagertha's Reflection