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    Lagertha's Journey

My Lagertha’s Journey Collection is designed for sporty seafarers. The sails of Lagertha’s speedy ship inspired me. Lifelines, that gave wings to her thirst for exploration. Always dancing in the wind, while bringing her beyond the faraway places of her imagination.

This collection dresses you in Lagertha’s daring seamanship. I translated her sails into tasty triangles and couldn’t resist to use a little bit of rope in between your breasts. Wear my Lagertha’s Journey and dare to set sail for your dreams.

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Swimwear Holi Glamour collection

Set sail

Don't you just love these eye-catching ornaments resembling Lagertha's sails? All sketched and created by our passionate in-house design team.

Swimwear Lagertha's Eyes

Practical esthetics

The back of these ornaments are extra strong. So you're able to pull on the straps as much as you want, they won't give in.

Swimwear Lagertha's Eyes

Irresistable rope

A bit of rope in between your breasts ensures the look of a sporty seafarer. Its shoelace-like material is 100% in-house design. Check the bows' end tips. They wear our logo for a reason!

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Swimwear Lagertha's Eyes