My Holi Gypsy collection is designed for all my fun-loving gypsies. The colourful powders of India’s famous spring festival Holi inspired me. Celebrating the promise of summer, people are dancing and singing in the streets, while throwing brightly coloured powders at each other…what a way to party!

This collection translates the festive spirit of Holi into an eye catching swim design. Enjoy the sun while dressing yourself in ecstatic yellow or pink. Wear my Holi Gypsy and you’re ready to kick start your own festival season!

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Swimwear Holi Gypsy set
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Swimwear Holi Gypsy skirt
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Swimwear Holi Gypsy sandals
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Swimwear Holi Gypsy lingerie

it’s all about the details

Swimwear Holi Gypsy collection

Peppy folds

Peppy folds give you a stunning decolleté.

Swimwear Holi Gypsy details

Feisty details

Feisty pink straps decorate the top.

Swimwear Holi Gypsy details

Ecstatic pink

Our Holi Gypsy in fun-loving pink will brighten up your summer!

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Swimwear Holi Gypsy details