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My Mulholland Drive collection is designed for females in touch with their fantasies. I was inspired by the sensual cultfilm “Mulholland Drive”. A disorienting story about two women entangled in a playful fantasy. Passion, betrayal and confusion set the tone of a clever tale, in which I recognise the blurred line between fantasy and reality. That dreamy state where a woman’s deepest desires are given free reign…the place where it gets interesting!

This collection builds a bridge between your conscious and subconscious self. Boost your fantasies with a luxurious push up bra and Brazilian brief with sexy garter belt. All coming in sensual silk and topped off with delicate stitching and details. Wear my Mulholland Drive lingerie and surrender yourself to your deepest desires.

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it’s all about the details

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Golden garter belt ornaments

Golden garter belt ornaments above the cups and on your back give you an even sexier feeling.

Signature calamity jane details

Silky fabric

The silky fabric and special stitching on the cups give the collection an extra sensual touch.

Signature calamity jane details

pink bow

Between the cups and on the briefs is a beguilingly sweet, tiny pink bow.

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Signature calamity jane details

Picture this… LA by night, 20 degrees Celcius. What happened? You can’t remember. But you’ve got to get up and start walking, get off the road. Your body is throbbing, you’re covered in blood and dirt. Down in the valley, you see a sea of twinkling lights. The City of Angels? You stumble upon a beautiful villa. A stunning woman opens the door, part angel, part screen siren. Luminous. She takes you in without asking questions. “You’re going to be fine, sweetie.”

Her hands are so soft when she takes off your torn dress. So gentle as she cleans your wounds. When you come out of the shower, a bounty of satin and silk is waiting for you on the bed: panties, stockings, garters and glorious push-up bras. “Let’s play,” she says with a conspiratorial smile after she’s toweled and powdered your body. She slips out of her kimono; all curves and luscious flesh. Now you’re both naked. You giggle as you paint each other’s lips red in between sips of wine. She caresses your smooth soft skin as she dresses you up in luxurious lingerie. You push her on the bed and together you roll around on sea of satin; joking and laughing. When she stops, the tension is palpable. Her lips are by your ear. “Tell me a story,” she whispers, and starts stroking the inside of your thighs. “A true story, of sexual pleasure.” As you start to talk, your hand slides inside your panty….

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