WIN my beach essentials!

WIN my beach essentials!

by Marlies Dekkers

I love the beach. From Bali’s serene sands to Miami’s muscle beaches; this is where I recharge my battery to the sensuous sound of the waves. Once, I was so impatient that I took a cab straight from the airport to Ibiza’s hottest beach club, not bothering to change my outfit. There I was, sashaying through the sand in my 5,3 inch Yves Saint Laurent stripper heels. I believe even Paris Hilton was staring!

When it comes to my beach bag however, I’m incredibly organised. A day spent in the sun, sand and waves? I’ve got the essentials! And now you have a chance to WIN these faves of mine:

– My idea of the perfect summer romance: a marvelous book. Miranda July’s novel ‘The First Bad Man’ is weird and wonderful, brutal and sexy. I fell in love with it after reading just a few sentences. (When I shared my enthusiasm on Twitter, Miranda herself tweeted: ‘Marlies Dekkers, the perfect person to introduce The First Bad Man to the Netherlands!’

– With this magical duo by Moroccan Oil –their famous Treatment Oil and Extra Volume Shampoo- you can get the sexy beach hair without the damage. I prep my hair with the nourishing oil, use the mild but volumising shampoo to wash out the sand and the sweat, then reapply the oil for a beautiful sheen.

– What if there was a hairspray that not only gave you support, but also boosted your volume, tamed your frizz, and protected your hair from UV-rays and heat? L’Anza’s Keratin Healing Oil Lustrous Finishing Spray sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t! (It does sound a lot like the ideal man..)

– Dermalogica is my favorite skincare brand. Period. Why? It works, and uses only non-irritating high quality ingredients. Their Protection 50 Sport sunscreen is my absolute favorite: it glides on without leaving a greasy residue, smells sweet and light, and is water-and-sweat resistant. Hey, it even survives the grueling beach work outs my Olympic champion trainer likes to give me!

– No better way to give your skin a golden glow than with Marc Inbane’s amazing natural tanning spray. Fast-drying, no streaks, with a beautiful natural result. (Read: no Oompa Loompa orange colour!) Plus I love the fact that this Dutch brand uses vegetable-based, pure, nourishing ingredients, like aloë vera and ginkgo.

– Confession: I like my nail polish to match my bathing suit. And, being a swimwear designer, I like to switch bathing suits often. Caption nail polish has gel durability –it lasts three times longer than traditional nail polish- without needing a UV light. It air-dries, but three times faster than regular polish! Bored with the colour? Take it off with one wipe of polish remover. The whole routine is so simple, you could even do it on the beach!

To WIN a gorgeous beach bag filled with all of my favourite products, keep an eye on our Facebook Page where we will be asking you for your own beach-side tips and for a second chance to win, Subscribe to our Newsletter!

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