Why A Blindfold Works – Tips & Tricks

Why A Blindfold Works – Tips & Tricks

by Marlies Dekkers

The first time I was blindfolded by a partner was an eye-opening experience. Well, not literally of course, but by taking away my sight, I had to ‘see’ with my other senses – sound, touch, taste and smell more fully and intensely. It made me experience a whole new range of exquisite sensations and feelings. Which then allowed me to have mind-blowing sex.

How can such a simple trick have such a dramatic effect? Well, besides your other senses being sharpened, there is an element of sexual anticipation. You just don’t know what to expect which can make a whisper or a simple touch -fingers brushing your inner thighs, for example- feel simply electric.

Also, a blindfold fires the imagination. Without any visual distraction, it is much easier to lose yourself in your sexual fantasies. Body shame or shyness? A blindfold makes you much less inhibited!

And last but not least, like Kim Bassinger in 9 ½ Weeks already proved: damn woman, you look seriously sexy with that blindfold on!

Let’s get started!

  1. First of all, you don’t need to break the bank and buy a fancy designer blindfold. You boyfriend’s tie or a silk scarf will do nicely. My personal favorite: those sleeping masks you get on the plane.
  2. Explore your newly heightened sense of touch. You can use your hands of course, but ask your partner to experiment with some unexpected materials, such as feathers and bits of velvet, silk and linen. If you really take your time, and are willing to surrender, the lightest touch could eventually lead to an orgasm.
  3. This is actually something I’ve been doing since I was a child: using a blindfold to stimulate my sense of taste. But with a partner, it can become an erotic experience. Prepare a tray of aphrodisiac delights like oysters, figs, honey, almonds, chocolate and champagne…the works! Get naked, get blindfolded, and start making a very sexy mess…

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