Waking up the Goddess in you

Waking up the Goddess in you

by Marlies Dekkers

The goddess is back! From Nigella Lawson, self-acclaimed ‘Domestic Goddess’, to Jennifer Lopez whose (much younger) lover adoringly talks about his ‘Sex Goddess’. And how about women everywhere using the term to affirm their sisterhood, as in: ‘You go, goddess!’?

Although I don’t go around high-fiving random women, I think the comeback of the goddess is a great thing. For millennia this patriarchal society has underplayed the divine female force. But as long as I can remember, the Greek goddesses – especially wise and brave Athena- have been calling out to me in my dreams, luring me to their temples, inspiring my designs, giving me the voice to write my own story.

I believe these feminine archetypes can help you unleash your (super)powers, if you open yourself up to them. Here are four Greek goddesses that have inspired me tremendously. Which one speaks to you most? Ambitious Athena or passionate Aphrodite? Wild, untamed Artemis or spiritual Persephone? Let’s find out, and channel your inner goddess!

Athena – goddess of war and wisdom, aka ‘the strategic genius’

War and wisdom may seem two conflicting subjects, but not for formidable Athena! Sure, this tall, stunning warrior -never without her sword and spectacular helmet- loved to kick ass, but only when she fought against suffering and injustice. Her great strength: strategic thinking. (it’s how she beat Poseidon to the title of the most desired city of the Ancient world: Athens) In a way, Athena was the first feminist: too complete to ever need a man.

The Athena in you: You are most likely a career woman and most certainly a feminist. You are practical, ambitious and logical, proving that whoever called those typical male traits was SO wrong. You are very comfortable being ‘one of the boys’. If you choose a man he needs to have enough confidence to respect your ambition and independence. However, you can very well manage without.

Aphrodite – goddess of love, – aka ‘the muse’
Of course, Aphrodite loved love. Born a total babe –she rose up from the ocean on a shell as a beautiful naked woman-, she had many lovers and many children. With her preference for much younger men, she may even be called the frst cougar! But Aphrodite’s real power went beyond sex and seduction. This goddess showed mankind how to transform the mundane into something beautiful and special through Love. Et voilá: art and culture were born.

The Aphrodite in you: You are civilized, sensual and compassionate. You are comfortable with your body, not because it approaches some beauty ideal but because it gives you so much pleasure. You express yourself through your relationships. You may be an entertainer, an artist, or work in public relations. But whatever you do, you do it with passion and a lot of flair.

Persephone – goddess of the underworld, aka ‘witchy woman’
When Hades, God of the Underworld, grabbed beautiful Persephone and dragged her to his kingdom, she changed in a flash from the Goddess of Spring into the Queen of the Underworld. Although she wasn’t happy about it, she became a powerful link between life and death, light and dark, innocence and wisdom. Call out to this Goddess when you need the strength to deal with the dramatic transformations in a woman’s life. Persephone’s got your back.

The Persephone in you: You are very much at home in the world beyond the physical senses. You can read the hearts and minds of others, and may work as a nurse, a writer, a yoga teacher or an astrologer. You choose a partner based on his or her spirit, not their looks. Just make sure to regularly recharge your batteries, by diving into your unconscious through sex, music or meditation. Oh, and very important: learn to say no! Denying your dark side will make you a very crabby – Goddess indeed.

Artemis – goddess of the hunt, aka: ‘wild thing’
Artemis was a lot like Athena: an independent feminist avant la lettre. This fierce goddess however, preferred to be alone in nature where she protected its creatures with her bow and arrow. When Artemis, a stunner like Aphrodite, found out she had been admired naked by a man, she turned him into a deer and had his own hunting dogs tear him apart. This goddess represents both our protective and our destructive side.

The Artemis in you: You are adventurous, athletic and boy, do you like to be alone! You need nature to stay in touch with yourself, and want a partner who shares your interests but gives you lots of space. (honestly: often you’d much rather hang out with other women). You know how to turn you passion into your profession, so you may be a sportswoman, a biologist or an environmentalist. Anything, as long as you don’t have to live up to other people’s expectations.

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