Trying to become a Maestro!

by Marlies Dekkers
For a television program I am competing with 8 other Dutch personalities to become THE “Maestro”. The last few weeks have been nerve wrecking; I found my new passion.

I was often asked to join TV gameshows but I always said no without a doubt. I’m too competitive for these shows and therefore I would take it way too serious.

A while ago I got a request for another TV show. I wanted to reject it right away but a few words got my attention; conductor and classical music.

For this programme eight contestants battle it out for the title of Maestro. The challenge lies in becoming the best conductor of the orchestra. The conductor’s job is to have a vision of the piece; to set the tempo, control and mix the sound from each musician, and to keep everyone together when the music moves. Good conductors combine technique, a repertoire of interpretative gestures and verbal skills.

I grew up with Dutch folk music. That was the only music my family was listening to. In my early teens I got bored with this kind of music and I went looking for other styles. Other teens were listening to pop or rock. I found my love for classical music. I learned about great works like Die Walküre of Wagner, 5e Sypmhonie van Mahler and Gurrelieder of Arnold Schönberg. I kept this as my little secret because I knew this wouldn’t make me very cool. When I grew older I started visiting classical music concerts. Almost always by myself because no one wanted to join. Classical music has a bit of a dull image but this is complete nonsense. This TV show might be a great opportunity to share my love for classical music and show people it’s a super exciting music flow. More exciting would be that I, Marlies (can you imagine?!) lead a 65 headed symphonic orchestra.

I said yes to join the show.

I’m really out of my comfort zone with this project and I can’t think of anything else anymore. Okay, it may help a little that all the women in the orchestra are wearing marlies|dekkers lingerie, but still it is one of the most nerve wrecking experiences I have ever had.

Will you follow me during my eight weeks of practising and competiting to the others?
Check out Maestro, every Thursday on Dutch television at 20:30 on NPO 1.

Photo credits: Daniel J. Ashes

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