The Perfect Fit: My Magic Mould

The Perfect Fit: My Magic Mould

by Marlies Dekkers

Let’s start with a little experiment. Take a marlies|dekkers bra and hold one of the cups by your ear. Squeeze it and let go. What did you hear? A gentle ‘pop’ as it bounced back? I like to compare it sound of a well-made car door closing, say that of a Mercedes. It’s subtle and right.

Now try this with a similar looking mass-produced bra.  It rustles, doesn’t it? Kind of like a plastic bag. Your fingers probably felt a difference too; a different density, and much less stretch. Does it feel cheaper? Well, that’s because it is!

A common difference between ‘high street’ and ‘high-end’ lingerie is in the quality of the molded cups. To make a so-called ‘molded cup bra’, a foam-like material is heated over a mold to give the cup its own distinct shape. When people look at a bra, the first things they will notice is the fabric and the straps, but the cup is equally as important. A bit like the engine of the car, expect that it also really defines the look. As a matter of fact, it can completely transform your silhouette!

For me, developing my own signature-mold –basically the way I wanted your boobs to look and feel- was incredibly important. The process was very complicated; much akin to finding the perfect mathematical formula. It was also very personal. My team and I often went back to the base, cupping our own breasts with our hands, shaping them: did we want perky breasts? Or was roundness more important? Where did we want the nipple to be? If only you could have seen us, grabbing ourselves and each other, all for the sake of the perfect fit!

People often ask why my bras are more expensive than similar looking, mass produced ones. Well, one of the reasons is the superb fit and outstanding quality of my molded cups. They’re the key element in making your bra look amazing, feel super comfortable all day, and last forever. It’s safe to say we have developed the Rolls Royce of lingerie cups – and your boobs are definitely worth it!

Shop for your perfect Bra now and feel the difference for yourself!

I hope you’re enjoying learning more about the marlies|dekkers difference when it comes to luxury lingerie. Next time on Maison Marlies I’ll be sharing how I uncover new erogenous zones.

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