The Story Behind the Firebird

by Marlies Dekkers

I like things to be intense. I do everything with a burning passion, otherwise I believe it’s a waste of time. For example: growing up, I didn’t relate to the silly pop hits of that time. They were just too light for me. And then I discovered classical music, and a whole new world opened up for me! Wagner’s Walküre, Mahler’s 5th Symphony; this was BIG music, about BIG feelings. Themes like life, death, crazy love. I became obsessed.

Do you know the story of The Firebird? She is half-woman, half-bird, with majestic wings that sparkle bright, like orange and yellow fireworks. Even if you remove them, her feathers will not stop glowing. This girl is definitely on fire! A while ago, I totally fell in love with the sensational ballet version of The Firebird, written by Stravinsky, brought to life by Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes. (both men fell under the protection of the amazing Misia Sert, my muse for my latest Couture Collection.)

Seeing the twirling and swirling ballet dancers, watching the firebird burn, burn, burn to Stravinsky’s bewitching composition somehow moved me to my core. I guess it was like seeing my own all consuming passion come to life! Last year, when I said ‘yes’ to the challenge of learning to conduct a 65 headed symphonic orchestra in just a few weeks time, I immersed myself so completely, that my friends feared for my health. I studied every minute of the day, I stopped sleeping, I BECAME the music. I nearly burned up. And you know what? I never felt more alive.

With my Firebird collection, I tried to capture exactly this red-hot passion. Isn’t it stunning? This lingerie decorates your body with the burning wings of the firebird. Go on, follow your inner fire! It’s the only way to love, the only way to live…

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