Sparkling La Source

by Marlies Dekkers
Paris, the city of love, great minds, pere Lachaise, fashion and arts.
I’ve been visiting Paris for almost thirty years and every time when I walk through this beautiful city, I have the irresistible need to pay a visit to a show in Opéra Garnier. She calls my name but every time I visit Paris I just can’t attend one of her shows because of my tight schedule. This year I wanted to avoid disappointment and planned a special trip with my loved ones to Paris the evening before Christmas. No work, just pleasure!

The show, that has been on my wish list for ages, is La Source. La Source is a ballet show made by Jean-Guillaume Bart and is about my favorite subject: LOVE. In this ballet show a wonderful immortal woman falls in love with a mortal man, but is the love strong enough to connect immortality and mortality…. The show is enriched by Christian Lacroix’s flamboyant costumes. He used a fairy color palette with many Swarovski embellishments.

Everything seemed to come together that wonderful night in Paris. We talked till late, and full of inspiration and new ideas we left this fantastic city.

Most loved
Valentine’s top tip

Marlies Says

Valentine’s top tip

by marlies|dekkers

With Valentine’s Day coming up, let’s talk #seduceyourself. To me, the summum of seduction is driving a man insane, just by exposing a glimpse of your wrist while pouring him tea. Can you imagine?