Show the world all your talents

by Marlies Dekkers
We had to do a new photoshoot and while searching for the right team I suddenly thought, I should make the photos myself! Being a creative means sometimes having ideas in your head which are hard to explain to others.

Organizing a photoshoot takes a lot of time. The search for the right team can be really difficult because it all needs to fit perfectly to the ideas of the Creative Director.. that happens to be me and I can say for myself I have the highest demands. I’m doing photoshoots for collections for over twenty years now so I can quickly feel if a photographer or model gets my ideas. You need to search for that creative click. For this shoot, we went searching for our team in London.

There are many great creative agencies in London who gave us quite a few very good model options within a few days. There was this one model who immediately got my attention. A young power woman who was very conscious of her beauty and talent and has been modelling for jean Paul Gaultier and Yohji Yamamoto. She dared to show her body and more important, she had all these amazing expressions in her face and body language, wow I wanted to see her wearing my lingerie! Than someone showed us the portfolio of one of the best hairstylists of the UK, Karin Bigler. Her clients include British Vogue, ID magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Givenchy campaigns etc. Her work looked so progressive, she needed to be in my team! But a top hair stylist like her is most of the time fully booked half a year ahead. At the same time we found Lucy Bridge, an amazing make-up artist who has a super femine and strong signature look. I loved her work! Team almost complete. We exactly succeeded to book them all for the same days, nothing seems impossible. But… now the hardest part. Who should be the photographer?

I have worked with the best of the best before but this time needed to be different. My ideas were so specific, daring and from a feminine point of view. I had the feeling it needed to be a woman who really understands my way of thinking. And there was this crazy idea… At the art academy I also studied photography. I’ve done many fashion shoots in my entire life, but never my own work. I never even showed my work to anyone. Maybe this was the right time so show the world more of me?

Together on set there arose a magical atmosphere immediately. This female power team worked perfectly together. And I was so happy with the presence of my sister Anja on set to assist me. We dared to go further than we ever did before. We made sensual, sexy, feminine and daring photos which are really amazing. It will take a while before I can show them to show, but here’s a little sneak peak. Can’t wait to show you everything!

P.S I got a lot of questions about my comfy but fashionable look during the shoot.. so here are the credits:
Top: Miu Miu
Pants: Alexander Wang
Shoes: Nike
Glasses: Chanel (glasses are my own design)

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