Public Support for Women

by Kiki Atwaroe

A short while ago a remarkable article appeared everywhere on- and offline when Mark Zuckerberg opening up about his private life on expecting a child and the three previous miscarriages his wife suffered. It caught our attention how Zuckerberg’s mission to destigmatise miscarriages by speaking about them openly was so brazen and not-done by many in the public or private eye. For this, we praise him. For opening this topic to a larger audience rather than keeping it within ourselves. For publicly supporting his wife and not being afraid to take on the norm.

But, he’s not the only strong male example we have come across in our time. Showing unwavering support for females, many an actor has advocated for their female colleagues ability to deliver off and on screen with their in-depth qualities. Comedian Jay Baruchel said in 2011 that his role models have all been women having grown up in a household of females only. He made it his mission to write for women in a heroic and more truthful sense, portraying true characteristics that every woman can relate to.

More recently, Jane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez received negative comments from some social media followers after she proudly shared her new cover shoot for the Spanish People Magazine. Her co-star Justin Baldoni quickly defended her by letting everyone know people should praise each other for the good work instead of focusing on the negative. You can read the Instagram post dedicated to Rodriguez here. In resemblance to Mark Zuckerberg opening up about his private life, Baldoni shared his strong views on the women in his life on a weekly basis.

Closing the gap in gender equality is not a battle that can be fought alone. Yes, women do stick together but as Patricia Arquette highlighted in her speech during the Golden Globes; women still need support.

“It’s time for all the women in America, and all the men that love women and all the gay people and all the people of color that we’ve all fought for – to fight for us now.’ – Patricia Arquette

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