Let’s celebrate our vaginas!

by Marlies Dekkers

Are you a Groovy Granny? A Brazilian Rockstar or a Glamour Puss? Or perhaps more Naughty-cal But Nice? No, I’m not talking to you, but your vagina. It’s HER turn to shine!

An email with this title went around the office this morning: ‘What kind of vagina do you have. Attention: NO SPAM!” There was a link to a Buzzfeed quiz in it, called ‘How you should decorate your vagina’. Well, immediately, the air was buzzing –how appropriate!- with excitement, because when do we get to think about our pussies as personalities? Personalities that deserve to shine every now and then? We had so much fun sharing the results, which were all very inspiring.

To give you some examples:

-You got: Brazilian Rock Star
Your vagina is a rock star, like, seriously. Add some crystals for that superstar sparkle, and your vag will win more Grammys than Kanye.

-You got: Glamour Puss
Your lady parts deserve to be completely adorned with sparkling crystals because you are the ultimate diva and a diva’s vag needs to shine, just like she does.

Okay, officially you wouldn’t decorate your vagina, -which is the part on the inside- but the pubic mound, as some sour’pusses’ –pointed out in their commentaries. And maybe you don’t feel like dying your pubes, like, right now. But the point is that ‘your vagine is a treasure chest of amazingness’, to use a phrase from the quiz. She deserves to be celebrated much more often. Glitter or not.

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