I’m a Feminist

I’m a Feminist

by Marlies Dekkers
A long-overdue correction in gender equality is at our doorsteps. A tipping-point in the history of women rests in our hands. This is our moment….

As a self-made woman, I am thrilled to see women become more and more independent, empowered and assertive. I am proud, that ever since the 19th century, women have come so this far. From first-wave activists stepping up for our political rights, to second-wave advocates exposing suppressive stereotypes. Step by step, we’ve been pushing females forward.

Today I see a new wave dawning. Strong and independent women are stepping up as powerful role models, next to smart young girls utilizing their talents just like boys do. Everywhere around me, I see women and girls daring to dream, daring to grow, daring to be. Demanding the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. These are the voices of modern-day feminism. Once again, it is the sound of females moving forward.

When it comes to gender equality, I believe women are the key to success. I believe we need to change the conversation about femininity ourselves. Together we can disarm the stereotypes that for far too long have misled our societies; that we don’t have the skills, the intelligence or the guts. All we need, is females moving forward.

We need women who understand that equality isn’t dependent on external factors; something passively received or violently acquired. Women who train their minds so that they feel powerful themselves. Women who feel, think and radiate confidence. Not against, but in partnership with men. Because, ultimately, we give progress to ourselves. We ourselves need to move forward.

What matters now is action. Our action. What do we do to bring to life the beautiful ideas of women? What do we do to make gender equality tangible? Just imagine how rich the world of tomorrow would look when we unlock all that female potential.

The world of today is asking us to shape our vision of tomorrow ourselves. How? By living the idea that we are the masters of our own destiny. By proudly celebrating being a woman. By encouraging the girls in our lives. I believe our progress needs females acting forward: women daring to dream, daring to grow, daring to be.

It is my life’s purpose to boost women’s confidence. I am committed to elevate your spirit, applaud all your talents and inject you with infinite doses of strength.

Always challenging you to dare greatly.

Because I am a feminist. Inspiring females forward.

Are you?


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