I believe in coming home for Christmas

by Marlies Dekkers
The cold wind, dry air, freezing temperatures, dark nights… it is winter! While others grumble about the upcoming snow, I’m singing Christmas songs and make my home a winter wonderland.

December is definitely my favourite month of the year and that’s easy to explain: it brings me Christmas! For me this celebration is not only about those few days (in the Netherlands we celebrate 2 days of Christmas) but also about the weeks in advance. I think my Christmas tree is always the first in the country. Decorating the tree is a ritual which I’m longing for from the first fall day. I have an entire basement filled with Christmas decoration. My daughter and I get everything in the living room, I make us a cup of home-made hot chocolate, put on Christmas songs and let’s get the decorating party started! It takes us days to turn the entire house into a fairytale Christmas home. My regular florist comes over to bring some fresh cut greenery. Every year I fall in love with my home again and if I could I wouldn’t leave the house this month.

Not only do I like to decorating ritual, at least as important is the happy feeling when coming home every day. I have a pretty hectic life, where searching for the right work/relaxing balance needs to be on my mind daily. Taking care for myself is priority, but isn’t taking care of your home part of taking care of yourself? How can you be totally relaxed in your own environment if it doesn’t give you the right feeling? Do you rather be somewhere else? Ask yourself if your home needs more attention. Making my home summer-ready in the next season with bright colours and fresh flowers is just as important as the Christmas ritual. But, I could have been born as Mrs.Claus, this is my season and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

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Valentine’s top tip

Marlies Says

Valentine’s top tip

by marlies|dekkers

With Valentine’s Day coming up, let’s talk #seduceyourself. To me, the summum of seduction is driving a man insane, just by exposing a glimpse of your wrist while pouring him tea. Can you imagine?