How to be a #FeminineFeminist

How to be a #FeminineFeminist

by Marlies Dekkers

I love cooking, I love heels – and boy, do I love cooking in my heels! (wearing preferably not much else…) Can I still be a feminist? Of course! Because ladies, that is the whole point of this Third Feminist wave: this time, WE CAN HAVE IT ALL!

We no longer have to burn our bras to make a point; we can be equal to men, while celebrating our femininity. We are lipstick-wearing CEO’s, professors who dress like pin-ups, mothers who behave like mistresses. We’re into both knitting and kickboxing. We’ll split the bill, but gentlemen, it’s okay if you hold the door open for us. (And while we walk by, why not smack our butt?)
Here is my mini-guide to being a #FeminineFeminist because man, is it good to be a woman!

  1. No to: burning bras Yes to: (super) push up bras
  2. No to: vibrators you want to hide Yes to: vibrators you want to showcase (we’re loving this ‘coffee table sex toy’:
  3. No to: weight loss belts Yes to: the Gloria garter-belt
  4. No to: photoshop (our hips are fine, thank you) Yes to: filters (viva Valencia!) Check our Instagram!
  5. No to: lip fillers Yes to: Dior’s Addict Lip Maximizer
  6. No to: ‘The Rules’ (‘How to capture the heart of mr Right’) Yes to: Lena Dunham’s ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ (‘A young woman tells you what she’s ‘learned’’)
  7. No to: sex scandals Yes to: TV series ‘Scandal’ (Olivia Pope is our ultimate feminine feminist crush)
  8. No to: body shaming other women Yes to: sharing sexy selfies with your girlfriends!
  9. No to: diet books Yes to: fabulous cook books. Currently on our kitchen shelf:
  10. No to: cutting your hair Yes to: braiding your hair (one word: Lagertha)
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