‘Frame your beauty’, a gorgeous limited-edition book

by Marlies Dekkers

Your body, my canvas.
My pleasure, your beauty.

Looking at my career in lingerie –now spanning over 20 years!- I realize that it has been fueled mainly by one thing: my ambition to frame your beauty. If you’ve ever worn one of my creations, you know the deal; together we celebrate your female form, with all its perfect imperfections. The ultimate goal: a supreme sense of self-confidence.

My ‘Signature Collection’ shows my graphic signature in its purest form. It consists of my ‘classics’, from the glorious pin-striped Gloria to the seductive Spider and the divine-inspired Dame de Paris. Most of them, you probably know, some of them you might even own.

‘Frame your beauty’, a gorgeous limited-edition book, is a showcase of this collection, a love story and an invitation to play. From the moment you hold it in your hands and feel the grainy surface of the embossed linen cover, you know this is a book that aims to stimulate all your senses.

I asked British photographer Jenny Hands to work with me on the pictures. Jenny and I are kindred spirits; she understands how to create a sensual image from a feminine point of view and she will do anything to get it.
Just look at the model, her skin, her expression! In each picture, Jenny offers us a glimpse into her soul. And there is so much going on. The model is at the top of a staircase, in a pinstriped bra and thong. She’s on her way down, but a thought made her halt and shudder with delight. Is she thinking about the person who is waiting for her? Or perhaps about someone else? I wrote: ‘He lives in her imagination. She in his. Maybe that’s the secret of being in love.’

I hope you lose yourself in my book, enjoy the surprises and get inspired to frame your own beauty. More importantly, to frame your uniqueness….

Until April 12 you will get this collector’s item with every web order above € 200,-

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