Dare to reach for the sky- My love affair with high heels.

by Marlies Dekkers
I wear heels to celebrate my femininity. I wear them in the kitchen, in the boardroom and in bed. I even wear them when I go camping! It all started over 40 years ago..

I got my first pair of heels when I was 8. They were meant to impress that great guy in the sky: God. The most powerful man I knew at the time, whom I was finally going to meet during my First Holy Communion! This was taking place during a pre-Lelli Kelly-era, in a small village in the South of Holland, so we had to go on a long, arduous mission.

On the big day, I was ready. Mini skirt? Check. Flowers in my updo? Check. Heels? Check. Not quite as high as I had envisioned, more of a queenie heel, but they sufficed. As I stood by the altar I felt close to God. (the big hair definitely helped) But mostly, I felt ready for life. I had a hot date with destiny.

Since then, I have worn heels on all my dates. If the dates are hot enough, I wear them to bed afterwards. I wear heels when I cook, when I camp and when I conduct. (more on my controversial choice of footwear during Maestro later) I wear them when I’m alone, designing, or when I’m in front of a crowd, inspiring. My heels are me.

You can imagine how much I treasure my shoe collection! Some highlights: Louboutin’s thigh high boots with buttons all the way up the sides, dove grey Gucci gladiator platform heels and sky high stripper shoes that light up when I dance. My all time favorites might be Yves Saint Laurent’s Tribute sandals; I bought them in several colours.

Some women feel wobbly in heels, which I understand. Maybe it’s just not your thing. For me though, it’s the opposite. I feel grounded and rooted in my feminity. And like that day in church, al little over 40 years ago, when I wear heels, I’m reaching for the sky. I’m sure God doesn’t mind.

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