Dare to go pro on your face; tips and tricks

by Marlies Dekkers
During over 20 years in the business I got to watch the best make up artists work their magic. Such a thrill to see them completely transform people, including me! Still I encourage everybody to be their own make up maestro; we express ourselves with our clothes, why not with our make up? Here are some great tips and tricks I ‘stole’ from the professionals..

When my sister asked me what I wanted for my birthday, she was rather surprised when I asked for foundation and added: “Any colour.” I had to explain to her how I really prefer to mix and match my own dream shade. For me it’s all about treating your face like a canvas, and having fun with it!

Foundation- Go Picasso

Since nobody has the same exact skin colour, and there are no foundation bottles –yet- with your name on it, you’ve got to blend your way to perfection.

Here’s why:
-To get the right shade – Your skin isn’t the same colour all year round; obviously you are darker during the summer months, or say after a ski-holiday. But even during the winter you might periodically use a selftanner. By blending a darker and a lighter foundation you can easily adapt to your ever-changing skin tone.

-To get the right warmth- You can also mix warmer and cooler colours; foundations tend to be either pink, tan or yellow, but your skin is a combination of those!

-To save money- Want to stretch out that expensive Dior or Chanel foundation that you love? Find a cheaper drugstore version that works for you–say Maybelline or Covergirl- and mix ‘m up!

-To create a perfect finish: Some days you want a healty glow, other days you want to look sophisticated and matte. Mix foundations with different finishes.

Here’s how:
-Put about 5 dots on your face with one foundation, -forehead, nose, cheeks, chin- followed by dots with the other foundation next to those spots. Use a stippling brush to blend it on your face by using circular motions.

-You can also blend the foundations on the back of your hand or if you’re in a hurry, straight onto one finger, after which you blend them between your hands and apply the mixture directly to your face.

Mascara- Mix your own cocktail

Layer, layer, layer. That’s the trick to create the perfect, doll-like lashes. Yes you can use a primer, but why not several different mascaras? Just read on the package what they’re supposed to do, and be creative. Here are some tried and tested combinations:
Curl + Hold
Volume + Lengthen
Thicken + Separate

Here’s how:
I know this is common sense, but still: before you start, make sure the mascara wand doesn’t have big globs on it. If so, take them off with a bit of tissue.

Once you’ve applied the first mascara, you don’t need to wait. Go right ahead and start layering with the second one! Once you get the hang of it, you might even go for three layers; my personal habit.
One of my favorite ‘cocktail ingredients’ is a fiber mascara, like L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes. Use it first, to add length, followed by a mascara with a bold brush like CoverGirl LashBlast, to get rid of clumps and create a smooth thick look.

For a final touch, -the olive on your Martini- you can apply a good smudge-proof mascara on your bottom lashes like Vamp! by Pupa. Just don’t forget to act surprised when people ask you if your eyelashes are real…

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