Bra Styles

by Marlies Dekkers


A teeny triangle or a super push up bra? Which exactly is the best bra shapes for your personal body! You might have heard that a whopping 80 percent of all women wears the wrong size bra, but did you know that at least as many women –and yes, that could be you!- wear the wrong shape bra? For example: you love my teeny weeny triangle bra, but why does it make your full round breasts look so wobbly? Well, what you  need is more support and comfort, and a beautiful balcony bra or even a sexy push up bra would give you that! (hey, why rely only on men?)

So what type of bra works for your body? Let’s start with our bra style 101:

Balcony bra: You can’t really go wrong with a straight neckline balcony bra. With its flexible shape and comfortable fit it suits all types of breasts. The wires enclose the lower part of your chest, resulting in a modest cleavage. Comfort meets style.

Plunge bra: This sexy bra has a deep and revealing cleavage, thanks to the closely fitted wires gently pushing the breasts together. The unpadded cups follow the natural shape of the breasts. Comfortable, yet sexy.

Push up bra: Hello boys! With its closely fitted wires a push up bra is similar to the plunge bra. But the added padding –small, comfortable cushions- gives you an extra deep, gorgeous cleavage.

Super push up bra: This is basically the push up bra on steroids, lifting your breasts straight up into the sky! But don’t worry: extra padding gives you extra support….. and a dazzlingly deep cleavage!

Triangle bra: Petite but powerful, this unwired, unpadded bra features a sexy triangular bit of material that merely covers your breasts while following their natural shape.

If you want to know EXACTLY what style would work best for your boobs, you first have to your find your perfect size. Just follow the instructions on our site. Then, figure out what type of breasts you have and how the fullness of your breasts is divided. Don’t worry, we made a brilliant step-by-step guide to match you up with your dream bra styles!

Then, all that’s left is to decide how sexy you want to look. But we have a feeling you don’t need any help with that…. Enjoy!

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