Behind the Brand: Miranda

by Marlies Dekkers

This is how Miranda Martinez, a 45 year old dark-haired Mediterranean beauty (her father is Spanish), remembers the first time we met, over 15 years ago: “You showed me a lingerie sketch and asked me what I thought. Wow, I didn’t even know where to start. Where exactly were the seams going to be? Was there an underwire? You stopped me, looked deep into my eyes, and said: “Well, that’s exactly what I’ll need you for.”

Since then, Miranda has been in charge of my product development. It’s a loose term; she has a lot of influence on the design process as well. She is completely tuned into me. Knowing that Miranda has my back, I feel free to fly. Knowing that she will always bring me down to earth if necessary, I can reach incredible creative highs.

Do I drive her crazy at times? Miranda laughs. “For sure! But I love how you push and stimulate me, both professionally and personally.

She explains, (you understand I’m blushing at this point): “You come in and completely freak me out with some out-there ideas, say the Golden Karo with its metal cups. You inspire me and my team to outdo ourselves. We come up with a plan which in turn challenges and inspires the manufacturers.”

She smiles. “The customer is just as blown away with the final product, as I was with your original idea. I’m proud to be part of that amazing chain.”

Miranda and I have come a long way. One of our fondest memories is of how we developed the perfect mold for my bras together: by cupping our own breasts with our hands, shaping them till we reached our ideal fit. And here we are, making what we consider the Rolls Royce of bras.

I ask Miranda if she ever wakes up in the morning and wonders: What on earth is Marlies going to come up with today?

“I do,” she says with her sweet smile. “Every day…it’s a challenge and I love it”.

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