Fitting Room FAQ Fit

Fitting Room FAQ Fit


  • How tight should the band size of my bra be?

    When you put on a bra, the band size should feel comfortably tight. Be sure that the band size isn’t too loose. You don’t want the band to crawl up, because that will take away all the support. But keep in mind that a bra band that’s too tight is very uncomfortable. So settle on a size that’s tight yet comfortable.
    The band size is the size measurement of the bra’s band around your torso. To obtain your band size, measure very snugly around your rib cage, just underneath your breasts. Back to top

  • How tight should my shoulder straps be?

    Bra straps are all about balance. First of all, straps are not the ones responsible for upholding your breasts. That is the bra band’s job. To adjust the straps bear in mind that their function is to keep the bra band (or back-panel) on your back horizontal and to keep the cups in place, so they can do their jobs properly. If your straps are too tight, the bra band crawls up on your back and your breasts will lose support. If your straps are too loose, the cups (and thus the desired shape) will collapse. So find a middle way between balance and comfort. Back to top

  • What’s happening when the cups are wrinkling or there is still some space left in them?

    This means you are confronted with ill-fitting cups. You either need to upsize your cup size, choose another bra shape for your breast type, or tighten your shoulder straps a bit. Back to top

  • What are clear signs that I am not wearing the right bra?

    Stand in front of the mirror. If your breasts are overflowing the cups or your breasts are not properly tucked into the cups, the band is crawling up your back, or the wires aren’t located neatly underneath your breasts, your bra is ill-fitting. Adjust if possible, otherwise choose another size. Back to top

  • Do I have the same bra size my entire life?

    No! And that’s okay. There are so many circumstances to think of that will affect the shape of a woman’s body during the years. And thus change your bra size or favourite shape. Think of hormonal changes, weight gane, weight loss, pregnancy etc. Therefore, we advise all women to measure their bra size yearly. Back to top