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"All my work as a feminist designer is inspired by muses. Powerful female icons from past and present. Through my designs, I bring them to you to help us shape the world of modern-day feminism.
Discover all my previous muses!"

- Marlies Dekkers

SS21 inspired by Cleopatra
Spring Summer 2021

The original Feminine Feminist was a skilled diplomat, clever strategist and ruled Egypt for 22 years, all while celebrating her femininity. My couture collection was inspired by Egypt's sacred symbol: the rainbow scarab. Discover an unique rainbow of brilliant colors, with Egyptian blue, shimmering peach and vivid turquoise.
Dare to be a comeback queen!

SS21 inspired by Agatha Christie
Fall winter 2020
Agatha Christie

English author Agatha Christie is the Queen of Crime and a freedom-loving feminist. She was one of the most popular author of all time, famous for her impressive oeuvre and her fictional detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. I designed this Fall Winter collection with timeless tartan, sexy faux-leather and bewitching patterns.
Dare to use your imagination!

SS21 inspired by Amelia Earhart
spring summer 2020
Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart, the flying feminist, personified freedom. She was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, showing all women that the sky is NOT the limit! Amelia's travel inspired me to create a colorful and cool lingerie collection, from a fiery red bra to thongs in the brightest of blue.
Dare to dream bolder!

FW19 inspired by Billie Holiday
fall winter 2019
Billie Holiday

She was the Queen of Blues, using her impressive voice to shamelessly speak her truth. Billie Holiday started her musical carreer by singing in nightclubs in Harlem and changed jazz forever. Discover the smoky glamour of the 1940s with sexy leopard prints, sensual velvet and and luxurious emerald green fabrics.
Are you ready to use your voice?

SS19 inspired by Julia Child
spring summer 2019
Julia Child

Tie on your appron and dare to indulge! The goddess of French cuisine, Julia Child shows us how to enjoy love, life and luscious food. She reclaimed the traditional 'feminine' activity of cooking as an empowering art form for modern women. My SS19 lingerie collection is designed for women with an appetite, bon appetit!

FW18 inspired by Queen Elizabeth I
fall winter 2018
Queen Elizabeth I

Elizabeth the First is truly one of the most unforgettable women in history. The Queen of England ruled alone for almost 45 years, never giving in to the constant pressure to find a husband. As a feminist icon, she inspired me to design a magnificant collection with pearls, luscious lace and velvet.
Dare to be brave!

SS18 inspired by Frida Kahlo
spring summer 2018
Frida Kahlo

Mexican painter, feminist heroine and early selfie-queen Frida Kahlo shows us how to overcome each and every setback. She turned her pain and suffering into art. For my SS18 lingerie collection, I was inspired by her colorful life. Frida was strong and androgynous, but delicate and flirtatious at the same time.
Dare to live life to the fullest!

FW17 inspired by Edith Head
fall winter 2017
Edith Head

She was the mistress of transformation, designing costumes for hundreds of movies and shaping the female Hollywood archetypes we know today. Edith Head is the icon of Hollywood glamour. The FW17 collection is all about old-school flair, with gentleman-inspired details and extremely flattering fit. You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.

SS17 inspired by Geisha
spring summer 2017

For my SS17 lingerie collection, I channeled the seductive side of the Geisha. An explosion of colours, from matcha green to ruby red and butterfly details, the traditional Japanese symbol of womanhood and romance. Dare to seduce yourself!

FW16 inspired by Pallas Athene
fall winter 2016
Pallas Athene

Pallas Athene is the Greek goddess of wisdom, science and the fine arts. She is the ultimate archetype of female power: hardcore and gentle. My FW16 collection was designed for glorious goddesses, with sensational statement lingerie.

SS17 inspired by Earl Lagertha
spring summer 2016
Earl Lagertha

Lagertha’s force and fearlessness inspired me to create a lingerie collection feisty females. Viking Earl Lagertha defended her own honour and earned herself a position of power in the process. My SS16 collection is filled with sexy leather details and feminine lace.

FW15 inspired by Misia Sert
fall winter 2015
Misia Sert

In 2015, I travelled back to Paris during the first exciting decades of the 20th century where I met cultural icon and muse Misia Sert. This mysterious woman made a career as a formidable wife and an unforgettable muse, inspiring composers, artists, poets, musicians, thinkers, dancers and designers. This fall winter collection takes you back to the roaring twenties, with luxurious embroidery and soft powdery tones.

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