What is better than one favourite Bra?…Two of them….

by Marlies Dekkers

It may not be the end of the world, but when your favourite perfume, eye shadow or sex toy is discontinued, it can sure feel that way!

Wolford’s indestructible stay-ups, Moroccan Oil’s miraculous hair mask; what would I do without my favourites? And so I buy them by the dozen. Yes, when my annual box of Wolford hoisery arrives, I feel a bit like my own sugar daddy. But you know what? I’m worth it.

I even find myself desperately collecting my own lingerie. For a few years now, my favourite bra has been the tough, sexy Gloria with the macho suspender straps. I wear it about 4 times a week and luckily I own at least 7 versions of it; from the classic pinstripe to the latest sweet summer tweed. For every mood, a Gloria.

The secret of great style is knowing what works for you. To not blindly follow every trend, but stay loyal to yourself. I get so excited when women tell me they own the Dame de Paris in 10 different colours, or when Sarah Jessica Parker is spotted in yet another Triangle bra!

You know what you like, ladies! And I support that. So I decided to celebrate with a special promotion:

2nd Bra 50% off – Buy your favourite bra in a basic colour, and receive a 50% discount on a seasonal colour variation! Available until the 31st of May.

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The ultimate shop girls’ swimwear guide

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The worst boob-bloopers on the beach (and my solutions!)

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When you are feeling lost in finding the right fit or determine your bra size, Maison Marlies offers a set of guidelines so that you can continue shaking your bon bons without them falling out. You'll get style tips on how to wear and style your bras, and bikinis. You would not want a wardrobe malfunction which can actually be prevented when you are wearing high quality luxury lingerie. And when your breasts are kept in place in marlies|dekkers bras or bikinis, you can fully celebrate your femininity in all its glory and full potential. The blog offers advise on how to mix and match womens lingerie to boost, inspire your own fashion sense and keeps you updated on the latest fashion trends.

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Her celebrity friends are also very pleased with that perfect fit a marlies|dekkers bra can offer you. These women proudly show off their marlies|dekkers lingerie sets in photoshoots for magazines, on stage when they're performing, during a cameo on tv or on the big screen in movies. Maison Marlies dedicates a special section of the blog to all gender equality related news so you are always updated about the latest developments around this special mission that embodies Marlies’ vision for the future.