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You can’t go wrong with the Marlies Dekkers plunge balcony bras. Both pretty and comfortable, chose from our wide variety of exquisite designs and show of a beautiful cleavage.
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    semi padded plunge balcony bra
    This blue unpadded plunge bra resembles a stunning starry sky with its sparkling silver dots. The bra is made from a sensual mesh fabric with a polkadot flock print. But don't worry, we have added cut and sewn padding and lining so it is not transparent. This semi padded plunge bra highlights every type of breasts and follows your natural curves. The T-shape cut and sewn construction is much softer than regular padding, yet gives you extra support and create a modest but sexy cleavage. The sky is the limit when you wear this adorable, super comfortable semi padded bra.
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    plunge balcony bra
    This plunge bra with a sassy leopard print works for every type of breast. A feline fabulous combination of an animal printed fabric, flirty trims and playful cutouts. Padding gives you extra support whilst wires enclose the breast partly to create a modest but sexy cleavage. Choose this Peekaboo leopard print bra for an alluring décolleté without compromising on comfort. Wear this leopard bra to wear under a sheer top and get ready to party!
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    plunge balcony bra
    The boldness of this black plunge balcony bra's woven shoulder straps with metal rings symbolise the female-focused crime movie Femme Fatale. Beautifullly embossed leather reminds you of the power of promiscuity. The internal lining of the cups are a beautiful red that is sure to awaken your hidden passion. This bra with its flexible shape and comfortable fit suits most types of breasts. The wires only partially enclose the lower part of the breasts, resulting in a modest and sexy cleavage. A comfortable and sexy shape. <br><br> Please follow the <strong>washing instructions</strong> below:<br> 1. Wash the product by hand, not by machine. <br> 2. Fill your washing bucket with lukewarm water with a small amount of detergent for sensitive fabrics. Leave out any bleach, softeners or wool detergents, these can damage the elastics in your bra.<br> 3. Dip your product in so that it's fully submerged and saturated with the detergent. Do not soak as it weakens the leather-look fabric. <br> 4. You can gently wipe the inside of the bottoms if necessary, but never rub the leather-look fabric, this can damage it. Give your product a gentle pressing, this will help take out the dirt. <br> 5. Drain the water and rinse with clean water, but do not rub.<br> 6. Fold the product in a towel and gently press it to get rid of excess water, do not twist.<br> 7. Hang your products to dry.<br> 8. Do you have any questions about the washing instructions? Contact us.<br>
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    plunge balcony bra
    This black padded plunge balcony bra pleases every type of breast. The powerful pinstripes and macho suspender straps refer to the first female gangster movie "Gloria". Padding gives you extra support. Wires enclosing the breasts partly create a modest but sexy cleavage. Choose this shape for a sexy décolleté and a dash of comfort.
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Plunge Balconette Bra

You will find your perfect plunge balcony bra at marlies|dekkers. Designed to be worn with very low cut necklines, the plunge bra won’t be on display, just your clothes. Its deep V neckline means that it stays concealed, even under the sexiest dress. Creating a sexy silhouette under every outfit, the plunge balconette bra is also very comfortable to wear thanks to its extra wide shoulder straps.

A great bra for low cut necklines

So you’ve found the perfect dress but still have no idea what bra to wear with it? Opt for a balconette plunge bra to create the perfect look. These bras will always make you look your best and can be worn with low necklines as they are both widely cut and low cut. The plunge balcony bra is the perfect choice to create a daring style and is also available as a push up making it the world’s sexiest bra. At marlies|dekkers you’ll find a gorgeous range of designer lingerie online, including the perfect bras and bottoms which come in a variety of colours and designs. You’ll always find your favourite plunge balconette bra online at marlies|dekkers. Combining enhanced lift and support, they are designed for women of all ages and shapes and come in a range of sizes from A to a larger size E. The style of this sexy bra is similar to half-cup and demi-cup bras.

The perfect shape bra

The plunge balcony bra gives you extra definition thanks to its lower cut. Also known as a balcony bra, the balconette bra fits perfectly to the shape of your body for a seamlessly sexy look. Its design, appearance and versatility make it the perfect plunge bra for you. Unlike regular bras, the balconette remains invisible so others will only see the perfect cleavage. Choose this shape to get a sexy décolleté without compromising on comfort. No matter what your style is, you will always look good in a balconette bra by marlies|dekkers. Why not combine it with a fabulous pair of knickers to create the perfect lingerie set? Look your best in marlies|dekkers. Discover the sexiest collection of women’s intimates you’ve ever seen, available in many different colours and sizes. Browse marlies|dekkers gorgeous bras and bottoms which offer you perfect fit and quality.