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"Lace your look with love in my splendid Carita collection. To unveil your true beauty, I combined form-fitting finesse with luscious black lace, using the iconic fabric - made from recycled, stretchy material - to vamp up the cups and add dramatic glamour to your neckline. The beautiful tan lining helps to create a semi-nude effect. How delicate is the lace trim on the bottoms, and how delectable the keyhole effect it creates on the padded balcony bra? (Not to mention the flashes of skin highlighted above the other styles). As a finishing touch, I placed an adorable bow with a hand-filled enamel heart pendant at the heart of each bra. The final result: carissima!"

- Marlies Dekkers

FW23 Lingerie collection Carita
FW23 Lingerie collection Carita
its all about the details FW23
its all about the details FW23


Black, recycled lace with a floral pattern is the star of this collection.

style collection carita FW23


A little pendant in the shape of a cross with a heart adorns the center of your décolleté.

style collection carita FW23


Playful ruffles on both the bras and bottoms of this collection frame your curves.

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style collection carita FW23
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FW23 lingerie collection Carita

For Hildegard von Bingen, the body was the temple of the divine. Rejecting cruel customs such as self-flagellation and the traditional Christian denial of physical pleasures, she instead advocated wellness for the body and soul and celebrated her femininity as a bride of the Divine. Why cover up and bow your head in shame when divinity itself is your lover? Embroidered fabrics, long hair, flower crowns and stunning jewelry; Hildegard urged her nuns to flaunt their beauty and grace before the eyes of the Almighty, even after taking the veil. With her visionary writings, she unlocked the secret gate of paradise and gave us a glimpse of Eden before the fall, of what it meant to be a woman and know no shame in it. With magnificent songs like 'Caritas habundat in omnia', ('Divine Love overflows into everything'), she keeps reaching across the centuries to show us the power of love. And yes, that includes every shade of love: beyond religion, beyond traditional romantic relationships. So, feel free to interpret Hildegard's divine devotion as self-love, and her holy matrimony as a life-time commitment to purpose and growth. Put on your most gorgeous lace and marry your inner divinity. Dare to become your own 'Carita'.

"Our souls are kissed by the Divine in their most intimate places."
- Hildegard von Bingen

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For this elegant collection, recycled floral lace is combined with satin-like microfiber fabric. The black lace is laid on top of sand-colored fabric to make the floral pattern stand out. The lace also covers your décolleté, letting your beautiful skin shine through. A sexy keyhole is left open to create an enticing play of reveal and conceal. The shoulder straps feature a woven matt and shiny pattern, and playful ruffles on the bras and bottoms complete the design. The finishing touch? A little bow and gold-colored ornament at the center of your décolleté, in the shape of a cross with a heart.

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