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"Unlock your potential in my seriously seductive Calliope collection. In tune with the musical theme of these sets, I created an ultra-flattering design and draped it in a fine black mesh with an all-over flock print of musical keys, interspersed with gold dots for a subtly sparkling effect. A precious black-and-gold enamel key pendant between the cups of the bra matches the baroque keyhole ornament on the shoulder straps. The result: perfect harmony. Slip into this gorgeous set and wear the key to your heart, close to your heart."

- Marlies Dekkers

FW23 Lingerie collection Calliope
FW23 Lingerie collection Calliope
its all about the details FW23
its all about the details FW23


This luxurious lingerie collection features black, recycled mesh.

style collection calliope FW23


Flocked treble clefs and tiny gold polka dots add the perfect amount of texture.

style collection calliope FW23


A key-shaped pendant adorns the center of your décolleté. Look closely to see where it belongs...

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style collection calliope FW23
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FW23 lingerie collection Calliope

"The soul is symphonic and music is divine," Hildegard once said. Surrendering herself to sacred song at her monastery eight times a day, body and soul, gave her the key to creating heaven on earth. There is Music of Heaven in all things and we have forgotten how to hear it until we sing," she wrote. Picking up her stylus to start creating music herself, Hildegard became the first identifiable woman composer in the history of Western Music. Her songs - rooted in Gregorian chant but spellbinding with a unique expressiveness - are delicate and ecstatic, making the silence sing. When you close your eyes and listen, the echoing voices soaring up and down the scales sound like angels singing in full flight. The compositions feel fresh, even after almost nine centuries. No wonder that today, as an artist on Spotify, Hildegard has almost 175.000 monthly listeners! It wouldn't have surprised the visionary nun herself who, seemingly foreseeing her popularity through the internet, once wrote: "In this vision, my soul rises up high into the vault of heaven and into the changing sky and spreads itself out among different peoples, although they are far away from me in distant lands and places." I thinks she has proven: songs in the key of life never lose their power.

"The soul is symphonic." - Hildegard von Bingen

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This detailed collection has not one, but TWO gorgeous prints. First, an allover flock print with tiny treble clefs to remind you: dare to sing your own song. The flock print is created by applying a pattern in glue onto black mesh fabric. After applying the glue, tiny little hairs are pressed onto the mesh fabric. The hairs stick to the areas with glue, and voilá: a soft and sensual flock print! One last cycle of print pressing is used to add tiny, gold-colored polka dots. And let's not forget about the gorgeous ornaments of this collection. The key-shaped pendant at the center of your décolleté belongs to the keyhole-shaped ornaments on both shoulder straps. Who holds the key to your heart? You do.

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