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"The beach can be an intimidating place. Where else would you undress surrounded by strangers? What works for lingerie might not make us feel strong and sexy by the sea. That's why I design my swimwear according to the rules of the beach.

I’ve done my part, but you hold the power to feel truly amazing in your swimwear! How? By getting creative with your pareo. Think about it, you get to decide which body parts to hide or highlight… Got a nice tan on your legs? Show them off by wrapping your pareo into a short dress. Feeling good about your décolleté? Wear it as a skirt. Or are you feeling like a total beach babe in general (and rightfully so!), rock your pareo as a handy beach bag instead. Your very own, personally designed outfit - or accessory - to go with your swimwear!"
- Marlies Dekkers


Wear your pareo as a..

Strapless dress

Take your pareo and position it behind you. Pull the ends together in the front or to the side and tie with a flirty bow.