What are high waist briefs?

High waisted briefs come up to your waist. Underwear with a high waist covers your hips and the lower part of your stomach. At the back, the high waist shape sits half over your buttocks, leaving the bottom of cheeks exposed.

This trendy briefs shape hugs your curves and is super flattering. Marlies Dekkers high waist briefs are made out of soft, breathable fabric. A higher briefs is very comfortable, especially under high waist jeans or high waist skirt. It stays where it is supposed to sit and will not slip down. Try out this trendy underwear shape! Discover all of our high waist briefs at our online marlies dekkers shop and find the perfect panties.

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what are high waist briefs
what are high waist briefs


L'image ci-dessous montre les différentes coupes de tous les styles de slips, la ligne rouge indiquant la hauteur de la taille de chaque sous-vêtement. Dans notre guide de style des slips, vous trouverez tout sur nos différentes formes de slips.

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