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Looking for a super sexy item ? You will definitely find a gorgeous body suit in the Marlies Dekkers lingerie sale.
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    unpadded unwired body top
    This sexy body top has a comfortable loose fit without underwires and padding. Your natural cleavage is enhanced by the V-neck. The bottom leaves the lower half of your buttocks exposed, highlighting your natural curves. This petrol colored body top is crafted from high quality sheer mesh fabric with a unique graphic pattern. The silhouette of your curves shows through the transparent fabric.
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  • awaken your senses
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    plunge balcony body
    This plunge balcony body with purple leopard print gets you in the mood for a game of Peekaboo. Luxurious, sheer mesh fabric made with recycled yarn, playful cutouts and sweet satin bows on the back. Padding gives you extra support whilst wires enclose the breast partly to create a modest but sexy cleavage. The leopard pattern is printed onto the fabric digitally, saving 50-60 liters of water per meter of fabric. This leopard body features flirty trim straps that highlight your subtle cleavage. Explore the idea of innerwear as outerwear and wear this body with jeans of a skirt on a night out. This designer lingerie body creates an ultra flattering silhouette that will make you want to take a walk on the wild side!
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    plunge balcony body
    This black body rocks your body! The powerful pinstripes and macho suspender straps refer to the first female gangster movie "Gloria". Padding gives you extra support. Wires enclosing all of the breasts create a modest cleavage. Choose this body for a snug shape, a sexy décolleté and a dash of comfort.
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