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    strapless bathing suit
    € 249,95
    This leopard print bathing suit has an asymmetrical top that creates a subtle cleavage. It is designed to offer plenty of support, even with only one shoulder strap which is tied together with a playful knot. Need some extra security? An additional, detachable shoulder strap is included. This figure flattering bathing suit is crafted from recycled fabric and printed digitally. Digital printing is a more sustainable way of coloring fabric that saves 50-60 liters of water per meter of fabric. A gold colored clasp on the back adds the finishing touch.
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    strapless bathing suit
    € 239,95
    Put your curves in the spotlight with this strapless bathing suit. The beachproof silver edge complements the dark blue swimwear fabric and highlights your tan. This strapless shape is designed to provide steady support but we have added detachable shoulder straps for when you need some more, so you can enjoy the beach hassle free. This bathing suit streamlines your silhouette while the sweetheart neckline emphasizes your beautiful décolleté. What are you waiting for? This sexy designer bathing suit has your name written all over it!
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    strapless bathing suit
    € 229,95
    Say hello to the bathing suit of your dreams! An asymmetrical design with a playful tie & bow on your shoulder, an eco friendly print with shiny gold foil dots, and an extra detachable shoulder strap for some extra support when needed. What else would you wish for in a bathing suit? It is stunning and sustainable! The ultra flattering shape of this designer swimwear streamlines your curves and creates a beautiful silhouette. Wear this sexy bathing suit with vibrant colors, inspired by Mother Earth's precious coral reefs, and be the star of the summer.
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