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    push up bikini top
    € 204,95
    This push up bikini top with nautical stripes is designed to streamline your curves at the beach or by the pool. You can't go wrong with the classic red, white and blue combination, with some beach proof gold for a touch of glam. The padding of this push up bikini top gives you a sexy, deep cleavage, and the broad, foam filled shoulder straps provide ultimate comfort. The rope pattern in shiny gold foil, carefully placed in the perfect spot, and a gorgeous removable medal rosette at the center of your décolleté add the finishing touch to this nautical collection. Be the captain of your own journey with this luxurious designer bikini top.
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    plunge balcony bathing suit
    € 274,95
    This one piece bathing suit is the key to ultimate elegance and nautical flair. The luxurious fabric is made from recycled yarn and printed digitally to save water (50-60 liters per meter of fabric) and energy. Thus, a stunning and sustainable choice! The classic striped pattern is cleverly laid out to create an hourglass silhouette, and the adjustable belt with shiny gold foil rope print emphasizes the cinched waist. The extra broad shoulder straps of this luxurious bathing suit are foam filled to offer ultimate comfort. And let's not forget the gorgeous medal rosette at the center of your décolleté, which can be removed for washing. Forget modesty, wear this spectacular designer bathing suit and flaunt what you've got!
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