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"Get ready to flourish in my gorgeous 'Florana' collection. This design is all about prints and pretty pleats, infused with Aztec flower power. The smooth, recycled microfiber fabric features a digital print of stylized flowers in a kaleidoscopic pattern, the rich colors reminiscent of a Quetzal bird's feathers. A clever peek-a-boo construction adds depth and playfulness to the form-finessing design that highlights your curves. And don't you love the braided gold details on the straps and bindings? Dare to shine like an Aztec goddess!"

- Marlies Dekkers

SS22 style collection Florana
its all about the details Florana SS22
its all about the details Florana SS22


The products in this collection are crafted from a sheer, recycled polyamide fabric with a digital allover print. By printing digitally, we save 50-60 liters of water per meter of fabric.

couture collection Florana SS22


This collection features an incredibly detailed digital print. Look closely, and you will see the rope structure of the circles, which is even continued onto the straps and bindings as a finishing touch.

couture collection Florana SS22


The carefully placed folds and gathered details give you an amazing look without compromising on support or comfort.

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couture collection Florana SS22
SS22 style collection Florana
inspired by
Quetzal Flower

I sometimes wonder: how different would our lives have been if, after committing the original sin, only Adam would have been punished? What if Eve would have been allowed to stay and party in paradise, having sex with whomever she pleased? Would women have been freer, more sexually liberated? Would we have had more fun? The Aztecs, a fierce warrior civilization that ruled Central Mexico for over 200 years, worshipped a glorious goddess called Xochiquetzal (pronounced 'Sho-chi-ket-zal'), aka Quetzal Flower. Appearing in an explosion of rainbow-colored feathers and flowers, grinding her hips and clicking her tongue, Quetzal Flower incarnated youth, love, sex and beauty. With her earthshattering sexual life force, she created both gods and humans. And guess what? She was also the first woman to commit a sin! Quetzal Flower broke the rules by seducing a celibate priest, but in a juicy reversal of our bible story, she went unpunished while the priest was turned into a scorpion (I'm sure it was worth it for him, though). A patroness of lovers and prostitutes, it is no coincidence that one of Quetzal Flower's symbols is the voluptuous flower. After all, the Aztecs drew strong parallels between flowers and the clitoris or vulva. But her influence has a gender-bending quality as well. During an annual festival in Quetzal Flower's honor for example, a male priest would dress as a girl and weave, an act associated with the goddess - she loves beautiful handcrafted products - and strictly reserved for women. Craftspeople, both male and female, would dance before the cross-dressing priest, shaking their tools in extasy.

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The Florana collection features a soft fabric made with recycled polyamide. The fabric shines in classic shapes with playful layover-effects and gathered details. But the allover, digitally printed pattern steals the show; it was designed in-house and includes incredible details like interlocking circles of rope. To complete the design, the same rope is woven into the bindings and shoulder straps. And that's not all! The Florana collection includes a gorgeous dressing gown from smooth viscose, and a scarf that represents the Mother Earth theme through an incredible print with elements from each of the SS22 collections.

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