What is a super push up bra?

A super push up bra is an extra padded bra to create maximum cleavage, even more than a regular push up bra. Small cushions and closely fitted wires lift the breasts upward and the towards the center of the chest for the ultimate power boost!

The super push up creates a deep cleavage and makes your breasts will appear fuller, making it the perfect push up bra for a small chest. Are you looking for the same fit, but for a big cup size? Take a look at our plunge bras!

An extreme push up bra will fit better to smaller breasts. The extra padding also gives you extra support and is super comfortable to wear. Discover all of our super push up bras at our online marlies dekkers shop and find the perfect bra.

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what is a super push up bra
what is a super push up bra

What is the best padded bra for a small cup size?

You make your small chest appear fuller by wearing a push up bra. If you are looking for an even more sexy effect, try our super push up bra! This extreme push up give you an increased cleavage and makes your small breasts appear even bigger than with a normal push up bra.

How can I make my small boobs look fuller?

If you have a small cup size but want to show off a décolleté, a super push up bra is perfect for you. If you are wearing a low cut dress or sexy top, the super push up bra gives you the extra cleavage that you’re looking for. This bra of superior quality will give you a classy look.

Is a super push up bra comfortable?

Yes, a super push up bra is definitely comfortable! At marlies dekkers, we use the best quality fabric which will feel super soft on the skin. When you wear the perfect fit, you can be sure that you will feel at your best in the super push up bra.


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