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Feel your best and look your best in sexy designer lingerie! Shop sexy lingerie online at Marlies Dekkers and enjoy the comfortable fit of luxury lingerie.
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    suspender garter belt
    € 69,95
    Show them who the boss is with this dangerously sexy black garter belt. Stylish leather that’s beautifully embossed to remind you of the power of promiscuity. This garter belt holds up your stockings perfectly. The waistband covers most of the upperpart of the buttocks, while also partially covering the belly. <br><br> Please follow the <strong>washing instructions</strong> below:<br> 1. Wash the product by hand, not by machine. <br> 2. Fill your washing bucket with lukewarm water with a small amount of detergent for sensitive fabrics. Leave out any bleach, softeners or wool detergents, these can damage the elastics in your bra.<br> 3. Dip your product in so that it's fully submerged and saturated with the detergent. Do not soak as it weakens the leather-look fabric. <br> 4. You can gently wipe the inside of the bottoms if necessary, but never rub the leather-look fabric, this can damage it. Give your product a gentle pressing, this will help take out the dirt. <br> 5. Drain the water and rinse with clean water, but do not rub.<br> 6. Fold the product in a towel and gently press it to get rid of excess water, do not twist.<br> 7. Hang your products to dry.<br> 8. Do you have any questions about the washing instructions? Contact us.<br>
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Sexy Lingerie

Shopping for sexy lingerie is easily done in our marlies|dekkers online store. Each collection contains sexy lingerie that fits every woman’s personal style. Our wide range of styles makes it easy to pick how much you want to boost your sexiness factor.

Match your sexy lingerie

Marlies|dekkers women’s lingerie is known for producing high quality strappy lingerie. The signature straps will accentuate a woman’s cleavage in a sensual yet classy way. A sexy bra will help you create the cleavage you want. You can find sexy lingerie in our Style Collection, Swimwear Collection, Signature Collection and last but not least our Couture Collection. Naturally each sexy bra comes is matched with sexy underwear to choose from in our bottoms category.

Shop sexy lingerie sets online

The bottoms category has a wide range to choose from when it comes to sexy underwear. Shorts, briefs, thongs, Brazilian briefs. You name it and we’ll be able to provide you the different styles in several colors to match any bra to create your own sexy lingerie sets. Not sure how to mix and match your lingerie? Each design comes in a lingerie set so you can easily pick the sexiest lingerie from our collection. Need a sexy lingerie for a special occasion with your loved one? In our online store you can find bras, bottoms, briefs, thongs, corsets, garters and bodysuits for that sexy look. Creating a sexy look can be difficult and we’ll gladly help you find your inner sexy woman. In our Maison Marlies blog we like to share our thoughts on how our customers can style their lingerie. With every launch of a new sexy lingerie set we let our followers know the inspiration behind the design. Our Fitting Room can assist in finding the right size when you’re shopping your sexiest lingerie online from the comfort of your own home. We also provide a bra size calculator in the form of a size table guide to help you find the correct bra sizes when ordering from other another country. Still wondering why you haven’t purchased your sexy lingerie online? All our lingerie from our online store have a 9-month warranty so what are you waiting for? Head over to our webshop to browse through our online catalogue.