5 Easy Steps to buy Lingerie for your Girlfriend, Wife or Significant Other.

5 Easy Steps to buy Lingerie for your Girlfriend, Wife or Significant Other.

by Kiki Atwaroe

With special occasions like an anniversary or birthday always right around the corner, we understand that you might find yourself in a sticky situation when it comes to buying the perfect gift for your girl. But – not only do we understand the stress of finding a unique gift, we are here to help alleviate it!

Our suggestion is of course to buy lingerie for your lady! Now, stepping foot in a seductive and sensual marlies|dekkers shop might be a little too intimidating, but fear not! Online shopping is here to save the day!

Here is our 5 step fool-proof plan to giving the best gift a girl could ask for; lingerie!

Step 1: Confidence

Don’t worry about how long you’ve been together. Lingerie as a gift for girlfriend is naturally intimidating but can be a fun experience for both of you. Lingerie traditionally turns men on, but the truth is that most girls like it just as much for the same reasons. Play on this and remember that you want your girl to feel sexy in what you’re buying her. New relationships or long standing ones; buying lingerie as a gift for her is an excellent way to keep the attraction alive.

Step 2: Know Her!

Establish how your partner feels in the lingerie that she already owns. Is she is shy, conservative, self-conscious or outgoing, daring and willing to bare all?

When you buy lingerie for your girlfriend or wife, it really needs to be about the girl. There is a big difference between what men find sexy on women and what women find sexy on themselves. A woman can immediately tell if you bought a lingerie set that you think looks good on her without taking her into consideration while you were shopping for that perfect gift. This is not the time to be selfish!

Step 3; Style? Size?

Do your homework and come prepared! Take a peek in your partner’s underwear drawer while she isn’t looking before you go shopping. Note down her favourite items and write down what her bra size is – or simply take a picture of the label. Check the size on a couple of items as sizes can differentiate slightly across brands and styles.

After you discovered her size you can move on determining her style. There are three things to take note of:

    1. Bras: push up? balconette? plunge?
    2. Panties: briefs? boyshorts? thongs?
    3. Fabric: cotton? silk? lace?

Don’t forget colour options either! If you are not sure about the colour, search for something modern and classic. Black is always a good idea when you’re buying lingerie for your girlfriend, wife or significant other! For more information and for understanding the different bra styles you can visit our Fitting Room.

Step 4: The Purchase

At marlies|dekkers we offer stylish and unique luxury lingerie sets for women. You get what you pay for and high-end lingerie has a magical effect. When you buy Lingerie as a gift it should always come as matching sets of knickers and bras. Once you’ve chosen the bra, finding matching knickers should be easy. You can complete the look with accessories such as stockings, sexy suspenders and garters. Don’t forget to save the receipt just in case the sizing was slightly off.

Step 5: Giving the Gift

The final touch is the most important, right? Choosing gift wrapping should be as important as choosing to buy lingerie as a gift. Ask the lingerie to be placed inside an elegant gift box. For example; we offer a gift-wrapping service which includes a special silk bag and box.

Giving your lady lingerie as a gift will be a lovely surprise to her and we hope it’s equally as enjoyable for you too.

Take a look at our webshop to get a better idea of bra sizes and shapes and have the gift delivered at your office to save any potential gift-spoiling! We’re always here to help you find the perfect lingerie gift for your girlfriend, wife or significant other.

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