• signature collection spider
    signature collection spider

My Spider collection is designed for ladies on the hunt. I was inspired by the spider and her hunting skills. In many traditions the spider is celebrated as a totem of strong female energy. And yes, a spider surely gets what she wants. She catches her victims with carefully woven webs, confidently awaiting her prey, knowing the right moment to strike. Strong and secure. Definitely my favourite spirit animal.

In this design my web of strings symbolises the female hunt. They are my gift to you: the warrior stripes of a confident huntress. Wear my Spider and go catch your prey.

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Signature Spider set
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Signature Spider bra

it’s all about the details

Signature Spider Black

superbly placed straps

Inspired by the spider, the web of strings symbolise the female hunt. The superbly placed straps flawlessly frame your body.

Signature Spider Black brah details

superb suspender straps

Adjustable suspender straps for the perfect fit. Exquisitely crafted for feminine and powerful look.

Signature Spider Black bottom

wonderful mesh wings

The sheer mesh used on the wings was carefully chosen to be soft but strong.

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Signature Spider Black