• FW20 collection inspired by Agatha Christie header banner
    FW20 collection inspired by Agatha Christie header banner

"All my work as a feminist designer is inspired by muses. Powerful female icons from past and present. Through my designs, I bring them to you to help us shape the world of modern-day feminism.

This season, we raise our rebel flag by joining eleven formidable female pirates for an adventure of a lifetime. More badass than Blackbeard, these women created their own society of outcasts, free from patriarchal rules and gender roles. The treasure that our swashbuckling sisters were after? The same treasure women still crave: freedom. The freedom to create our own future, to only follow our own rules. And have a bloody blast while doing so!"

- Marlies Dekkers

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Marlies Dekkers inspired by banner fw21
Anne Bonny & I
my pirate life

"Growing up, I never belonged. But even though I got bullied and often felt lonely, deep down inside I already knew: forget fitting in, I was born to stand out! So, I proudly wore my make up and heels to school and played by myself; an outcast in the courtyard. Let them call me a 'freak' and a 'weirdo'; I entertained myself by fantasizing what my life would be like once I was free. One thing was for sure: I was going to be legendary. And it would happen by nurturing exactly that which made me stand out."

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available in August

My new Couture Collection is designed for women ready to navigate their own course. This spectacular design, inspired by Anne Bonny's fiery spirit, combines a form-finessing shape with the splendor of a (stolen) officer's uniform. I chose a gorgeous, sustainable black fabric and adorned it with detailed, ropelike embroidery in opulent gold. As a finishing touch, I added exquisite little 'buttons' featuring our own sassy version of the Jolly Roger. Now you can sail the Seven Seas in swashbuckling style!

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FW21 Space Odyssey rhubarb and gold 4col desktop
FW21 Space Odyssey rhubarb and gold 4col mobile

space odyssey ⚔  rhubarb and gold

now available

To put the spotlight on your beauty, I decorated this Space Odyssey collection with graphic straps and gold, rope-like details woven into the rhubarb red jacquard fabric.

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FW21 Dame de Paris aubergine and silver lurex 4col desktop
FW21 Dame de Paris aubergine and silver lurex 4col mobile

dame de paris ⚔  aubergine and silver

now available

This season, dare to dazzle in my Dame de Paris collection. I selected a fabric in a mysterious eggplant hue and added silver lurex accents for a subtle sparkle.

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FW21 Lioness of Brittany 4col desktop
FW21 Lioness of Brittany 4col mobile

lioness of brittany ⚔  black and stone

now available

This collection is made from an audacious yet sensual combination of leather and lace. I chose a black recycled microfiber fabric which I decorated with a French-lace pattern on top.

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FW21 Gloria scarab green plaid 4col desktop
FW21 Gloria scarab green plaid 4col mobile

gloria ⚔  scarab green plaid

now available

Channel the flair of Irish pirate queen Grace O'Malley in my Gloria collection. I combined a plaid print in gorgeous hues of green with dashing menswear details.

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FW21 Untameable teuta 4col desktop
FW21 Untameable teuta 4col mobile

untameable teuta ⚔  forest green

now available

Turn your curves into your crowning glory in a splendid set inspired by Teuta, ancient warrior queen of the seas. I chose a shimmery green fabric and accented the sensual straps with gold-metal chains.

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FW21 Petit Point evening blue and gold dot 4col desktop
FW21 Petit Point evening blue and gold dot 4col mobile

petit point  ⚔  evening blue and gold

now available

This season, release your inner Middle-Eastern pirate queen with my sultry Petit Point collection in evening blue! I draped my ultra-flattering design in a translucent fine mesh decorated with ink blue and gold 'petit-point' spots.

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FW21 Savage Sadie 4col desktop
FW21 Savage Sadie 4col mobile

savage sadie ⚔  grisaille grey

now available

Transform yourself into a badass buccaneer like feisty Sadie the Goat in this irresistible collection! The ultra-flattering shape of smooth grey fabric - made from recycled microfiber! - features our own pirate power print.

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FW21 Shieldmaiden black 4col desktop
FW21 Shieldmaiden black 4col mobile

shieldmaiden ⚔  black

now available

Dare to wear you lingerie like shining armor! The real eyecatchers are the sinuous faux-leather ornaments that refer to a Viking's richly-decorated weapons, as my ode to legendary Viking Princess Alfhild.

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FW21 Space Odssey steel grey 4col desktop
FW21 Space Odssey steel grey 4col mobile

space odyssey ⚔  steel grey

now available

Inject some fierce French femininity into your wardrobe with this gorgeous Space Odyssey collection. The combination of a smooth grey base with a black French-lace overlay is simply irresistible.

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FW21 Sailor mary 4col desktop
FW21 Sailor mary 4col mobile

sailor mary ⚔  blue, ivory and red

now available

Sail your own course in this fabulous Sailor Mary collection. I created a navy blue swim collection that shows off your figure in shipshape form and added white maritime stripes to streamline the design even further.

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FW21 Cache Coeur black 4col desktop
FW21 Cache Coeur black 4col mobile

cache coeur ⚔  black

always available

My Cache Coeur collection is designed for stylish sirens, offering both statement design and phenomenal support. I sculpted the perfect bikini shapes out of flattering fabric in a deep-black hue.

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FW21 Holi vintage 4col desktop
FW21 Holi vintage 4col mobile

holi vintage ⚔  blue-ecru

always available

With my Holi Vintage collection you can celebrate summer in style! With its classic, yet seriously sexy cut, this collection is a celebration of timeless magnificence.

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