• SS19 swimwear collection Mariniere
    SS19 swimwear collection Mariniere

Here she comes, walking down the beach! Turn heads when you saunter by in my marvelous Mariniere collection. I combined an ultraflattering design in maritime blue with accents of sailor stripes for a playful, yet classic effect. A clever peekaboo construction on top gives you the lift you love while a sprinkle of gold-colored details adds a subtle sparkle. Wear my Mariniere collection and dare to be a star in stripes!

it’s all about the details

swimwear details mariniere SS19

Nautical look

The gorgeous allover striped print creates a classy but very sexy maritime look.

swimwear details mariniere SS19

Gold colored charms

These gorgeous glossy charms and chains add the right amount of glamour and dazzle to your beach look!

swimwear details mariniere SS19

Lush lay-over

The contrasting fabrics are carefully layered to enhance the nautical and luxurious design.

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swimwear details mariniere SS19

how this collection is made

Don’t you get a nautical feeling when you look at this collection? Well, we sure do! This collection made from a blue microfiber fabric which has an allover striped print. The stripes are made by using a screen print technique. With this technique one or more colors are applied to the fabric in certain parts only. The number of colours defines the number of screens, so in this case there are 2 screens. All rings and sliders are made of a plastic material that does not get hot when it's exposed to the sun. The ornaments are branded with our m|d logo. After the logo is engraved, the engraving is colored with a gold coating to give it more intensity.

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