The Perfect Fit: Shake Your Bon Bons!

The Perfect Fit: Shake Your Bon Bons!

by Marlies Dekkers

When you try on a bra, you usually stand and watch yourself in a mirror, right? You might bend forward a little, turn around slowly to see the bra from different angles, but that’s it. You like how it looks? You buy it.

But have you ever realised, after wearing it for a few hours, that your brand new bra is not very comfortable at all? As a matter of fact, when you in the mirror again at the end of the day, it looks all wrong; you might have ‘side boobs’, your breasts may be spilling over the cups, or the back strap is riding up. You can check our last post for some typical #BRAFAILS.

Well, I developed a method to avoid ever wasting money like that again! With it, you can see how your bra will fit after hours of intensive wear, and you don’t even have to leave the dressing room.


Step 1: Choose your marlies|dekkers bra.

Step 2: Measure and Fit your bra. Put it on.

Step 3: Bend your upper body forward until your breasts fall into the cups.

Step 4: Hold the underwire firmly and position your breasts.

Step 5: Shake your breasts left, right, up and down to make sure that your breasts are positioned perfectly.

Step 6: Stand up and admire the result: FABULOUS!

We’ll see you back on Maison Marlies for the next post in our Perfect Fit series –  it covers the ‘Magic Mould’ we’ve created to ensure you won’t have any fit problems with our bras!

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