More than a Mother

More than a Mother

by Marlies Dekkers

A few months before I gave birth to my daughter Zilver, IT happened. All of a sudden, I started wearing big knickers, aka ‘Granny panties’. (Think of the enormous underpants that Hugh Grant loves so much in Bridget Jones.) Why? Well, they were comfortable for my growing belly, and cute, in a retro kind of way. Besides, it was just a temporary thing, right?

When my daughter was born, I fell. Deeply. It was love, of the purest kind, but at the same time a tremendous sense of responsibility. How to protect and raise this tiny miracle? How to be the best mother I could be? Growing up, I had seen women give up everything once they gave birth: their careers, their passions, themselves. If I lost myself, how could I possibly be there for my daughter? And what message would that convey to her? So I kept following my dream, but now with my daughter on my hip.

I took Zilver everywhere with me; to fashion shows, business meetings, late night dinners. I nursed her with my milk, and fed her my dreams and ambitions. My business bloomed, my baby blossomed, my body had completely recovered from the pregnancy and the C-section. Then why did I, the Lingerie Queen, keep wearing those enormous knickers?

One morning, as I was mindlessly putting on yet another pair of big, comfy panties, I realized with a shock that it had been almost a year since I last wore something that made me feel sexy. What had happened to that part of me? It hit me that even though I had vowed to not lose myself, I had completely neglected a vital part of my soul. I had let my sensuality, my senses go to sleep.

No matter how much you prepare for it, motherhood will be overwhelming at times. You will be consumed by love, worry, responsibilities. But you must remember to take care of yourself first! Because if you don’t, how are you going to take care of your loved ones?

In my case, I had to get rid of my vast collection of Granny panties and unearth my sensual self. Wear my own favorite designs –both comfortable ánd sexy- to make me fall in love with myself again. I had to awaken my senses. But motherhood will always stay a balancing act. And we all need a little push sometimes. So this Mother’s Day, dig deep and rediscover what makes YOU happy. It could be anything; from a sexy bra to belly dancing to going back to school to finish your degree. This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate that we are more than mothers!

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Marlies Says

Valentine’s top tip

by marlies|dekkers

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