Awaken Your Senses: An Introduction to Our Fantasies

by Marlies Dekkers

I have some very exciting news. During the next few weeks, I will Awaken Your Senses, in a new, surprising way. Now is the time! Riding on the wave of the third feminist movement, women everywhere are ready to find out what really turns them on. (Just look at the enormous popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey series).

Well, this is totally ‘my thing’. With my brand, I give you both a superb fit and a safe way to explore your sexual fantasies. If you’ve ever worn one of my designs, and felt comfortable yet sexy, you’ll know exactly what I mean. My signature style has always been very clear: using graphic lines and straps to frame your beauty.

Recently, I felt the need to create new sensual blueprints; using a new visual language. Let me tell you, it has been an amazing and fun journey to come up with four spectacular new stories in the theme: Awaken Your Senses. They will be revealed to you one by one. But, to give you a hint, these are the moods and materials of the different fantasies:

Leather: Femme Fatale

Erotically charged, you remain in total control as you paint the town red; no matter what the night throws your way…

Denim: Calamity Jane

Cantering through the great outdoors with the wind in your hair; not knowing what lies ahead is what keeps you going…

Satin: Mulholland Drive

The bedroom is your very own soft & lustrous sanctuary; where your inner-most secret fantasies come out to play…

And you may already be familiar with this style, from my ‘Gloria’ theme:

Pinstripe: The Gloria

Oozing confidence, your unmistakable aura of seductive power commands the undivided attention of any audience…

Let’s wake up the sensual sleeping beauties within us….with a kiss.

Most loved
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